Berlin, 9 August 2023 – Raue successfully represented integration and Islamism expert Ahmad Mansour against the online magazine “Hyphen” and obtained a cease-and-desist order.

In an article published by the English-language online magazine “Hyphen”, a Berlin-based freelance author claimed that Mansour had falsified aspects of his biography. Among other things, he accused Mansour of making false statements about his studies at Tel Aviv University and his time as a member of the Islamic Movement in Tira.

Ahmad Mansour publicly denied the allegations and, with the help of Raue, took legal action against the report’s false allegations. From the outset, the online magazine “Hyphen” was prepared to correct the freelance writer’s mistakes and issue a cease-and-desist order, but initially only on the condition that Mansour agree to a confidentiality clause. Ahmad Mansour rightly rejected this condition. It is essential for the rehabilitation of defamation to be able to publicly point to the removal of false accusations and to refrain from disseminating them in the future. After further negotiations, “Hyphen” dropped its demand for a confidentiality clause and agreed to the unconditional injunction.

Raue has represented Ahmad Mansour extensively in all matters relating to freedom of expression in relation to the online magazine “Hyphen”.


Advisor to Ahmad Mansour:

Raue, Berlin: Prof. Dr. Jan Hegemann (Partner, Media, Press Law), Dr. Aron Heidtke (Associate, Media, Press Law)

Advisor to „Hyphen“: Graef Rechtsanwälte


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