PORTUGAL | Allianzgi-Fonds Aevn Case (C-545/19): WHT Applicable to dividends obtained by non-resident collective investment undertakings is not accepted by the ECJ

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) confirmed today that the withholding tax (WHT) applicable in Portugal on dividends paid to non-resident collective investment undertakings is incompatible with EU Law, in line with the arguments that we have sustained at the referring proceeding before the Tax Arbitration Court in Portugal.

ANGOLA | Draft Law – Tax Benefits Code

Parliament has approved the Draft Law on the Tax Benefits Code (the “Act”), which seeks to bring together in a single act every tax benefit existing in Angola, their rules and conditions.

MOZAMBIQUE: Decree No. 20/2021, of 13 April – Amendments to the Investment Law Regulation approved by Decree No. 43/2009, of 21 August

With the aim of adapting national and foreign investment processes (“Investment Projects”) to a new institutional framework of coordination and in the context of a policy to attract and facilitate those investments, Decree no. 20/2021, of 13 April (“Decree”), was approved, introducing amendments to the Investment Law Regulation. We highlight the following: For the purposes …


The Republic of Angola and the Republic of Cape Verde have signed, on August 8, 2019, in Luanda, a Convention to eliminate Double Taxation of Income Taxes and to avoid Tax Evasion (DTT). Conventions to eliminate Double Taxation concluded between contracting States are a very important instrument for companies and investors’ trust when dealing with …

VdA has been appointed to preside over the Steering Committee of GRACE

VdA has been elected President of the Steering Committee of GRACE for the period 2018/2020. Partner Margarida Couto, shall take office on behalf of the firm. GRACE (www.grace.pt) is a pioneering non-profit public interest organisation gathering over 160 companies of all sizes and across industries, engaged in deepening their social role, as well as promoting …