BDBF’s Employment Law Tracker for 2023 and Beyond

Our detailed employment law tracker highlights new domestic legislation and other key proposals for legislative reform.

World Whistleblowers’ Day: recent developments in whistleblowing law in the UK

To mark World Whistleblowers’ Day on 23 June 2023, we take stock of some of the most important recent developments in whistleblowing law in the UK and consider what they mean for whistleblowers.

Women’s football: Equal pay for equal play?

The recent Women’s World Cup hosted by Australia and New Zealand was the most successful edition yet. The audience for the ninth incarnation of the tournament totalled approximately 2 billion, with stadium crowds reaching 1.9 million fans – both are new records.

Whistleblowing in the NHS

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, the legislation which incorporated protection for workers who report wrongdoing into the Employment Rights Act 1996. 

Should employers only deal with formal bullying complaints which cross a certain threshold?

On 21 April 2023, Dominic Raab resigned as Justice Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister after an independent investigator found that he had bullied civil servants.  In this article we consider the learning points for employers and how complaints of bullying should be managed.

Non-compete restrictions in employment contracts to be limited to three months

On 10 May 2023, the Government announced plans to reform the use of non-compete clauses in employment contracts.  Legislation will be introduced which will limit such restrictions to three months.  Other types of post-termination restrictions will not be affected.

New Acas guidance on making reasonable adjustments for mental health conditions

For the first time, Acas has published specific guidance on how reasonable adjustments can be used for staff with mental health conditions.  The guidance considers how adjustments should be agreed and the role that managers have in managing employees once adjustments are in place.  In this article we summarise the key points to note.

Gareth Brahams recognised as one of the “best employment lawyers for senior executives” by Spear’s 2023

BDBF Partner Gareth Brahams is listed as one of the best employment lawyers for senior executives in the Spear’s Magazine Employment Lawyers Index 2023.

Employee unfairly dismissed for refusing to put work app on her personal phone

An Employment Tribunal has ruled that a journalist was unfairly dismissed for refusing to install an “intrusive” work-related app on her personal phone, which would have left her unable to separate her work and home life.  The employer should have considered alternatives such as providing her with a work phone or installing the app on her …

BDBF further expands its offering with senior hire

Top-ranked, specialist employment law firm BDBF is delighted to announce the recent appointment of senior associate, Yulia Chizh.