Raue Advises on the Sale of the Former DR. KADE Site in Konstanz, Germany

Berlin, 15 August 2023 – Raue, together with Büro Dr. Vogel, advised the pharmaceutical manufacturer DR. KADE on the sale of its former production site in Konstanz, Germany.

Raue berät beim Verkauf des ehemaligen DR. KADE Areals in Konstanz

Berlin, 15. August 2023 – Raue hat zusammen mit dem Büro Dr. Vogel den Pharmahersteller DR. KADE beim Verkauf seines ehemaligen Produktionsstandorts in Konstanz beraten.

Götz Valien Successfully Sues with Raue for Recognition of Co-Authorship of the “Paris Bar” Paintings

Berlin, 11 August 2023 – The law firm Raue successfully represented Berlin-based artist Götz Valien in proceedings before the Copyright Chamber of the Munich I Regional Court,

Götz Valien klagt erfolgreich mit Raue auf Anerkennung der Miturheberschaft an den „Paris Bar“-Bildern

Berlin, 11. August 2023 – Die Rechtsanwaltsozietät Raue hat den in Berlin lebenden Künstler Götz Valien erfolgreich in einem Verfahren vor der Urheberrechtskammer des Landgerichts München I vertreten,

Ahmad Mansour Reaches Cease-And-Desist Agreement with Raue Against Online Magazine

Berlin, 9 August 2023 – Raue successfully represented integration and Islamism expert Ahmad Mansour against the online magazine “Hyphen” and obtained a cease-and-desist order.

Ahmad Mansour erreicht mit Raue Unterlassungs-vereinbarung mit Online-Magazin

Berlin, 9. August 2023 – Raue hat den Integrations- und Islamismusexperten Ahmad Mansour erfolgreich gegenüber dem Online-Magazin „Hyphen“ vertreten und eine Unterlassungsvereinbarung erzielt.

Raue advises LichtBlick on investment in Eventus Wind

Berlin, 23 June 2023 – Raue has advised green energy company LichtBlick on its successful investment in wind farm project developer Eventus Wind. LichtBlick has acquired 50 percent of the shares in the Münster-based company, marking another milestone on the way to expanding its own generation portfolio.

Raue advises Elysium Solar on entry of CommerzReal with Klimavest into agri-photovoltaic market

Berlin, 12 May 2023 – Raue advised Elysium Solar GmbH in negotiations with CommerzReal and its impact fund Klimavest regarding an agri-photovoltaic project developed by Elyisum near Berlin.

Raue advises Sonic Healthcare on the acquisition of Medizinische Laboratorien Düsseldorf

Berlin, 26 April 2023 – Sonic Healthcare Germany has signed a binding agreement to acquire Medizinische Laboratorien Düsseldorf (MLD). MLD is one of the leading laboratories in the Düsseldorf area,

Raue advises hydrogen company HH2E AG on infrastructure project

Berlin, 14 July 2023 – Raue advised the Hamburg-based hydrogen company HH2E AG on the investment of the infrastructure fund Foresight in the hydrogen project in Lubmin developed by HH2E. As part of the transaction,