Exequatur of foreign arbitral awards in Romania

Romania ratified in 1961 The New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards that establishes a simple and efficient[1] procedure for the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

Oglinda & Partners achieves for a foreign construction company acting in Romania the rejection of all claims raised in an international construction arbitration

The lawyers of Oglinda & Partners assisted the Defendant in the arbitration initiated under a Joint Venture Agreement, whereby the Claimant was pretending 3.7 million Euro as his share of participation related to a water and wastewater contract performed in Romania.

Oglinda&Partners succeeds in an international arbitration against a company in the world’s top 5 tobacco manufacturers

In a recent international arbitration, the lawyers of Oglinda&Partners successfully represented their client achieving the admission of the request for arbitration against a company in top 5 world’s tobacco producers. The arbitral tribunal ordered the tobacco producer to pay delay penalties of 3.5 million lei.

Oglinda&Partners achieves in court the recognition and enforcement in Romania of an ICC Arbitration Award against a company in insolvency prevention proceedings.

Oglinda&Partners obtained a recognition and enforcement of a foreign Arbitral Award against a French company that entered into an insolvency prevention proceeding during the litigation, this way achieving for this client the right to seize the goods and receivables owned by the French company on Romanian territory.