Lear Competition Festival (LCF)

ACTECON is proud to be a partner of the Lear Competition Festival (LCF) to be held in Rome between 26 and 29 September 2023.

New Rules on Agricultural Research and Development Support Programme

It is possible to develop technology to provide sufficient and safe access to food for the rapidly increasing population with limited agricultural resources, only through Research and Development (“R&D”) and innovation activities.

The Turkish Competition Authority Has Concluded the Investigation Conducted against One of the Leading Household Appliances Companies with the Approval of the Proposed Commitments! (BSH)

Introduction The TCA has been initiating one investigation after another into sectors that closely affect the lives of consumers in recent times.

The Turkish Competition Authority Publishes the Final Report on the Turkish FMCG Retailing Sector Inquiry

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (“FMCG”) retailing sector is one of the most important areas under the TCA’s focus due to its structure and key role in the economy.

The New Regulation Sets Out the Framework for the Authority and Social Network Providers – Interested Parties Should Scrutinise

The Decision of the Information and Communication Technologies and Communication Board (“Board”) on Procedures and Principles Regarding Social Network Provider[1] (“Decision”) entered into force on 1 April.

Establishment of the Rebar Monitoring System: New Obligations for Rebar Producers, Importers and Taxpayers Operating in the Construction Sector?

Introduction On 16 March 2023, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance (Turkish Revenue Administration) published the General Communiqué on Application of Rebar Monitoring System.

State Aids – Does New Regulation Bring Precision?

On 31 March 2023, a Presidential decision was announced in Official Gazette with respect to the enactment of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Implementation, Coordination,

The Constitutional Court of Turkey Examined the Constitutionality of the Amendments Made in 2020 to Turkish Competition Law

The Constitutional Court of Turkey (the “Court”) delivered a judgment on 9 November 2022[1] regarding the action for an annulment application made by the 137 members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey against amendments introduced in 2020 to various articles of Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition (“Competition Law”).

The Turkish Competition Authority Takes a Wide Interpretation of the “Technology Undertaking” Exception Applicable to the Turkey’s Merger Control Thresholds

The interpretation of the exemption brought for “technology undertakings” took a sudden turn with the Turkish Competition Authority’s (“TCA”) recent Berkshire Hathaway Decision (15.09.2022, 22-42/625-261) which resolved that the exception brought to the merger control thresholds by the recent amendment for the technology undertakings shall be considered applicable, even if the activities of the target …

The TCA Publishes Pioneer Decisions on the Simultaneous Implementation of the Leniency and Settlement Procedures

Following the introduction of the settlement procedure, the number of undertakings applying for settlement has been increasing consistently. In this respect, the Turkish Competition Authority’s (“TCA”) evaluations regarding the implementation of the settlement procedure have become an object of curiosity as the investigations that ended with settlement decisions continue to be announced on the official …