Wirecard AG – Shareholders can register claims in insolvency proceedings

Insolvency proceedings concerning Wirecard AG were opened on August 25, 2020 (Az.: 1542 IN 1308/20). Creditors had until October 26, 2020 to register their claims with the insolvency administrator.

Anyone promoting products or services using the accolade “Testsieger” (test winner) must also provide a source reference for the test. Important information is otherwise being withheld from consumers according to the Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Köln – the Higher Regional Court of Cologne.

FG Münster: No capital gains tax due on furniture and fittings from sale of real estate

Furniture and fittings do not count towards capital gains from the sale of real estate. That was the verdict of the Finanzgericht (FG) Münster – the Fiscal Court of Münster – in a ruling form August 3, 2020 (Az.: 5 K 2493/18).

Rechtzeitig Selbstanzeige stellen – Automatischer Informationsaustausch von Finanzdaten steht bevor

Der Automatische Informationsaustausch von Finanzdaten (AIA) ist ein Mittel Steuerhinterziehung konsequent zu bekämpfen. Steuersünder können noch immer eine strafbefreiende Selbstanzeige stellen.

FG Münster: Steuerpflichtiger Einbringungsgewinn bei Verschmelzung einer KG auf eine GmbH

Wird eine KG auf eine GmbH verschmolzen, ist der Einbringungsgewinn steuerpflichtig. Das hat das Finanzgericht Münster mit Urteil vom 19. Mai 2020 entschieden (Az.: 13 K 571/16 G,F).

OLG München: Golden color not protected as trademark acquired through use

The golden color of a chocolate Easter bunny is not protected as a color mark. The Oberlandesgericht (OLG) München – the Higher Regional Court of Munich – found that the producer in question did not enjoy any trademark rights in relation to the color.

Wirecard AG – Claims for damages against corporate bodies and auditors

With Wirecard AG now insolvent, investors are potentially facing severe losses. Shareholders and investors in Wirecard bonds and derivatives can assert claims for damages.

Rocket Internet delists its shares – Shareholders facing huge losses

Rocket Internet has decided to delist its shares, with the shareholders having approved the buyback offer at the extraordinary general meeting held on September 24, 2020.

Wirecard AG – Investigations on suspicion of market manipulation

The Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office has conducted a search of Wirecard’s head office in Aschheim near Munich on suspicion of market manipulation. The raid that took place at Wirecard’s head office on June 5, 2020 appears to have been in response to a criminal charge lodged by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) – Germany’s Federal …

Scale of Wirecard AG accounting scandal grows

The scale of the accounting scandal besetting Wirecard AG continues to grow. Wirecard’s running assumption is that 1.9 billion euros supposedly held in escrow accounts likely never existed. The company has experienced a dramatic drop in the value of its shares.