Berlin, 18th December 2023 – Axel Springer and OpenAI have agreed on a global partnership to strengthen independent journalism in the age of artificial intelligence. The partnership was announced on 13 December by both companies. For Axel Springer and OpenAI, the partnership marks a significant step to leverage AI for enhancing content experiences and creating new financial opportunities that support future for journalism.

OpenAI is the market leader in the field of generative AI. Since its launch in November 2022, its chatbot ChatGPT has quickly established itself as one of the most successful online applications ever. With the partnership, ChatGPT users around the world will receive summaries of selected global news content from Axel Springer’s media brands, including POLITICO, BUSINESS INSIDER, BILD and WELT, including otherwise paid content. ChatGPT’s answers to user queries will include attribution and links to the full articles for transparency and further information.

In addition, the partnership supports Axel Springer’s existing AI-driven projects that build upon OpenAI’s technology. The collaboration also involves the use of quality content from Axel Springer’s media brands for advancing the training of OpenAI’s sophisticated large language models.

The Axel Springer press release can be found here. The partnerhsip has been reported in numerous media outlets, including the Financial Times, SPIEGEL and Deutschlandfunk.

Raue has been one of Axel Springer’s advisors in media law for many years and advised the publisher on media and contract law in the collaboration with OpenAI. Robert Heine was in charge of the mandate. The media lawyer also advises other clients on issues relating to AI, including GEMA, eBay and the press publishers’ associations BDZV and MVFP. Raue’s media practice is one of the leading practices in Germany and advises publishers, media houses, platform providers and collecting societies comprehensively on intellectual property law, contract drafting and regulatory issues. Complex issues at the intersection of copyright law and technological development are a key focus of Raue’s advisory practice.


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