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International Law Firm Networks

Welcome to The Legal 500‘s International Law Firm Networks section.

One of the by-products of the globalisation of legal services has been to create a real alternative to the traditional “Big Law” law firm “one-stop-shop”. Law firm networks, many of which have been around for decades, are coming into their own to provide a different model for in-house lawyers when looking to instruct firms on cross-border matters. International Law Firm Networks can provide quality legal services, with jurisdictional or practice-specific knowledge that is essential when corporates are looking for viable alternatives in who to instruct.

Creating a ranking of International Law Firm Networks is impossible, it is the archetypal example of comparing “apples with oranges”. However, to aid in-house legal teams in finding out which network may be most suitable to their needs, this section profiles the international coverage offered by these networks. Follow the links for detailed information on the jurisdictions/practice areas they cover, the member firms that are part of each network, and links to the member firm’s rankings.