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Corporate Conversations

Corporate Conversations is a new-format webinar and podcast (both live and available-on-demand) that combines the best of the “fireside chat” format with the utility of the ‘ask me anything’ (AMA) presentation. Designed to dive deep into the topic in question and deliver contextualised, relevant and up-to-date information on critical issues in a concise 30-minute format, the Corporate Conversations series will build into a resource library of crucial discussion of the most pertinent contemporary legal topics.

Partner Perspectives

Partner Perspectives is a platform through which The Legal 500 conducts 1-to-1 interviews with distinguished partners from specialist law firms on any given current hot legal topics. The interviews retain the uniqueness of the ‘fireside chat’ style but at the same time maintain the practicability of the ‘ask me anything’ (AMA) presentation.

BNG Legal

RPC Premier Law


Failla & Partners

Piper Alderman

Patrikios Legal - Stavros Pavlou

Patrikios Legal - Stella Strati

Stelios Americanos & Co LLC

Mayer Brown

The Legal 500 Podcast

Legal 500 Podcast: Overcoming academic hurdles, discussing access to a legal career with Guy Longhurst

Legal 500 Podcast: Romano Law- Advising growth clients and small businesses in the United States

Legal 500 Podcast: Tana Adkin KC

Legal 500 Podcast: Sir Max Hill KC Part 2

Legal 500 Podcast: Sir Max Hill KC Part 1

Legal 500 Podcast: Jason Levin

Legal 500 Podcast: Liz Dux part 2

Legal 500 Podcast: Liz Dux part 1

Legal 500 Podcast: Sara George

GC Experiences

GC Experiences is a new video interview series, documenting the versatility of in-house lawyers in the 21st century. Sitting down with UK’s leading corporate counsel, GC magazine tackles some of the biggest challenges faced within the legal profession.

By taking off the suit and tie and stepping out of the office, we explore the crucial role general counsel play behind the scenes in guiding, advising and assisting interesting and iconic companies around the world.

Torbjörn Hallberg, Sobi

Amr Wageeh, Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority

David Dwyer, Unilever