Raue advised Zeitsprung on the production of the Documentary „The Schettino Files”.

On January 13, 2012, the cruise ship Costa Concordia sank just 100 meters away from the Italian island of Giglio because it had hit a rock. Of the four thousand people on board at the time, 32 died in the wake of the accident. Produced by Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH, Sky Studios and Italy’s Rai Documentari, the documentary „The Schettino Files” focuses on the meticulous portrayal of the disaster on board. The documentary is based on eyewitness accounts, amateur videos of passengers and rescue teams, and reenactments. The reenactments focus mainly on the actions on the bridge around Captain Francesco Schettino, identified as the main culprit.

The documentary was first broadcast on Sky on January 13, 2022, exactly 10 years after the accident.

Raue assisted Zeitsprung in writing the script and advised on all personality law issues.

The long-standing Raue client Zeitsprung produces feature films, TV movies & TV series. Further business areas are the conception and realization of documentaries, magazine and infotainment programs as well as transmedia productions. Zeitsprung is highly respected as a provider of many award-winning formats and programs within the German as well as international film and television landscape.

Advisor to Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH

Raue, Berlin: Prof. Dr. Jan Hegemann (Partner, Media), Dr. Anna-Sophie Hollenders (Associate Partner, Media), Lisa Schopp (Senior Associate, Media)

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