Research+ is a bespoke practice area report that provides the firm with greater feedback about the research process, what clients and peers think about the practice, all conducted alongside the traditional Legal 500 rankings process.

In order for any report of this kind to be truly effective, it must consider the entire rankings process and be conducted and written alongside the research process in real time by the practice area researcher. The Legal 500’s Research+ fulfils that brief.

How does it work?

Firms need to sign up to Research+ before the submission deadline for as many practices as they wish feedback on. The reason for this is that our researchers know from the outset of the process that greater depth of feedback will be required for the firm, and the detailed notes and analysis can be produced alongside the research and interview process. Our team of researchers dedicated to speaking with GCs and in-house lawyers will conduct in-depth telephone interviews with as many of your clients as possible (and other GCs in that market who may be able to comment on the firm’s practice) to provide Research+ with greater client insights.

When the rankings are released, firms often have questions as to how we arrived at our decisions – Research+ will be delivered to the firm in the same week as the rankings are first published, allowing quick analysis of the rankings and feedback.

What does the report offer?

Research+ gives the practice in-depth analysis of:

1. The practice’s market reputation

2. How does the firm’s practice compare to other firms (analysis and data)

3. Analysis of the firm’s submission with areas for improvement

4. Client response rates

5. What do the clients say about the firm’s practice

6. More client quotes for internal and external use

Now available to all law firms across The Legal 500’s guides, Research+ is not a product that firms buy after the research if they are unhappy with the rankings. It is an enhancement to the research process that gives firms greater understanding of how we make the ranking decisions and ensures greater depth of interviews with the firms clients and potential clients.

Research+ is designed to be used in conjunction with The Legal 500’s Historical Data service, which contains rankings data (both firm and individuals) for the past 10 years.

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