Solicitor apprenticeships aim to make careers in law more accessible. An apprenticeship also offers the opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’, so that you don’t have to start your legal career drowning in student debt.

In 2023 the number of law firms offering solicitor apprenticeships is ever-growing.

Level 7 Apprenticeship

This is the most common type of apprenticeship offered by law firms at the moment. It is aimed at students who have completed their A-Levels but who have not yet done an undergraduate degree. Paralegals and chartered legal executives can also take this route.

Apprentices will also need to pass the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) before being admitted as a solicitor.

Level 7 apprenticeships will take six years for school leavers to complete. Apprentices who have already gained some legal experience may be able to cut this time down.

How does the solicitor apprenticeship work?

Apprentices will spend approximately 80% of their time working in a law firm, and the other 20% at law school or college studying for academic qualifications. In practice, this could mean four days in the office and one day at college.

As part of the academic portion of the apprenticeship, you will study modules such as tort, contract and criminal law, alongside practical legal skills.

How much can I expect to earn as a solicitor apprentice?

Salaries for solicitor apprentices currently start from around £20,000 in London and £14,000 outside of London.

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