The aim of this guide is to provide its readers with a pragmatic overview of the law and practice of shipping law across a variety of jurisdictions.

Each chapter of this guide provides information about the current issues affecting shipping in a particular country and addresses topics such as state control, conventions, arrest/detention, bills of lading and limitation of liability, as well as insight and opinion on the most common issues in their respective country.

The Q&A template for each chapter has been provided by Edward Gray of MFB Solicitors.

2nd Edition | Published: November 2020

Hot Topic: Fraudulently-issued Letters of Indemnity – Risks, Mitigation, and Prevention

Introduction – the contraction of Singapore’s Trade Finance industry The recent spate of allegations of fraud or foul-play that have rocked Singapore’s beleaguered commodities market, and in particular the oil trading industry have brought to light the significant effect of various pervasive practices that are seemingly innocuous, but have potentially left the trade-finance banking industry …

Hot Topic: The pandemic’s impact on shipping: Cyprus’ action plan

Pandemic’s Impact on Shipping generally International trade and shipping play a key role in the transportation of essential supplies, foods and other necessities, a role which becomes even more significant during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The continuing global outbreak has had a major impact on global shipping, affecting all shipping sectors from passenger ships to …


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