ESG Risk Research Survey Report: 2021 | In association with Irwin Mitchell

GC has partnered with Irwin Mitchell to gauge the ESG outlook of leading corporate counsel across Europe and the United States. This research documents the thoughts and opinions of more than 190 in-house lawyers on ESG, their risk outlook, and how a shift in business focus has shaped their legal agenda.

Falling angels | Freshfields Cum-Ex Repercussions

It has been a difficult year for Freshfields. In PR terms it has been an annus horribilis, and the enormity of the challenge faced by the firm’s first female senior partner, Georgia Dawson, cannot be understated.

Der Freshfields-Skandal | Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

When the German government says of a law firm that it ‘cannot conceive that new work will be placed there’, that firm has a major problem. Does that reputational damage threaten Freshfields’ global practice, and what questions does it pose to the firm’s new leadership?