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New York Corporate Counsel Summit supported by Debevoise & Plimpton

The first in GC and The Legal 500’s Corporate Counsel Summit series, which took place in september in new york, combined innovative management theory and cutting-edge legal developments.

GC’s mission statement is to bring innovative business theory to in-house lawyers. The seminar began by covering the latest developments in data privacy and cyber security. The focus was the relationship between personal and corporate security, and best practice lessons we can transfer from one to the other. This was especially topical in the light of the recent well-publicised leaks of personal photos of celebrities stored in the cloud, as well as data leaks at Target and JP Morgan. Jeremy Feigelson and David Sarratt of Debevoise & Plimpton presented an insightful and pertinent workshop on the issues.

Fresh from speaking to LinkedIn’s top customers in the Bay Area the week before, Karen Dillon, former Harvard Business Review (HBR) editor and co-author – with Clayton Christensen and James Allworth – of How Will You Measure Your Life? (a landmark examination of how high-achieving individuals can unintentionally sabotage their own personal and professional growth – and what they can do, instead, to thrive), presented a seminar workshop that encouraged managers and strategic thinkers to consider life and purpose.

Topics included:

  • embracing change and opportunity in both your personal career and your management of others;
  • understanding motivation and incentives beyond financial gain;

achieving fulfilment in family and personal life.

Roman Streitberger

A number of the corporate counsel who attended said they were attracted by the fact that it offered a different approach to other events in the calendar, put forward innovative and fresh perspectives on their working lives, and that allowed them to consider their individual roles in much broader terms than simply as ‘someone who solves the legal problems.’

An afternoon discussion concluded with an informal networking dinner in the evening. Following a successful inaugural event, we will be working with business thinkers to produce business and management content for in-house counsel at future summits in the US in 2015, and globally thereafter.

Companies registered for the corporate counsel summit series include:

JM Zell PartnersXchange Technology Group
InSight Capital PartnersCBS
NovartisSpectrum Group Management
AimiaThe Robin Hood Foundation
BarclaysTime Warner
JPMorgan Chase & Co.Goldman Sachs
Third Point ReinsuranceKraft Kennedy
IberdrolaICON Investments
Virgin GalacticAEGIS
A+E NetworksAmerican Express
Semper Capital ManagementAccretive
HoneywellThe World Bank Group
Capitol Petroleum GroupCon Edison
MRYRanieri Partners
BTBurch Creative Capital
RB International Finance (USA)Mount Sinai Medical Center
Silverstein PropertiesSociete Generale
TranselecMarker Financial Advisors

If you would like to register your interest in future summits, or to suggest a topic for discussion, please email:


To discuss becoming a partner with us at a future event please contact:

Amy McDermott

T: +44 (0)207 396 5648

email: amy.mcdermott@legal500.com

Roman Streitberger