United Kingdom: Renewable Energy

This country-specific Q&A provides an overview of Renewable Energy laws and regulations applicable in United Kingdom.

  1. Does your jurisdiction have an established renewable energy industry? What are the current production levels?

  2. Who are the key regulators for renewables industry in your jurisdiction? How do they impact the industry?

  3. How are rights to explore/set up renewable energy projects, such as solar or wind farms, granted? How do these differ based on the source of energy, i.e. solar, hydropower, wind, geothermal and biomass?

  4. What does the energy split look like in your jurisdiction and how is this changing as a result of the green energy transition?

  5. Is the government directly involved with the renewables industry? Is there a government-owned renewables company?

  6. What are the government’s plans and strategies in terms of the renewables industry? Please also provide a brief overview of key legislation in the renewable energy sector?

  7. Are there any government incentive schemes promoting renewable energy? For example, are there any special tax deductions or incentives offered?

  8. How have private companies outside of the renewable energy sector responded to the renewables industry? Have you seen more companies set net-zero and/or science-based targets?

  9. What are the key contracts you typically expect to see in a new-build renewable energy contract?

  10. Are there any restrictions on the export of renewable energy, local content obligations or domestic supply obligations?

  11. Does the regulatory regime include any specific decommissioning obligations? How do these obligations differ across solar, hydropower, wind, geothermal and biomass?

  12. Could you provide a brief overview of the major projects that are currently happening in your jurisdiction?

  13. Who are the key players that are driving the green renewable energy transition in your jurisdiction?

  14. Please can you give a summary of the key renewable projects in the pipeline in your jurisdiction?

  15. What are the key issues facing the renewables industry in your jurisdiction across solar, hydropower, wind, geothermal and biomass?

  16. How has the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic particularly impacted the renewables industry?

  17. How do you think the impact of foreign investment and changes in regulation will affect investment in the renewables industry?

  18. How has your jurisdiction performed against its commitments as part of the Paris Agreement?

  19. How has the government used COP26 as an opportunity to drive the green energy transition?

  20. How is the government stepping up its commitment as a part of the COP26 agreement?