Farrah Qureshi, CEO, Global Diversity Practice | Interview

Diversity and Inclusion Report: Europe

Farrah Qureshi is an award-winning pioneer in the D&I field. She discusses the evolution of diversity and inclusion within business in Europe, and what in-house lawyers can contribute to the debate.

Shaping diversity: part one

Diversity and Inclusion Report: Europe

The diversity of European diversity Europeans know a thing or two about diversity. After all, a neighbour in the next town might speak a different dialect, or the nearest big city might be over the border in a different country.

Shaping diversity: part two

Diversity and Inclusion Report: Europe

Reconfiguring diversity In order to capitalise on the benefits that a diverse and inclusive workplace can bring, a leader may have to get beyond initial resistance within the corporation, often arising from fear of being targeted or implicitly blamed.

Shaping diversity: part three

Diversity and Inclusion Report: Europe

Stamping out steretypes Despite the many senior GCs and in-house counsel that we have interviewed for this report (and elsewhere in GC magazine) as active sponsors of diverse workplaces, some of our consultants noted that legal departments were not typically being identified by diversity professionals as pioneers within their corporations on this issue.

Diversity toolkit

Diversity and Inclusion Report: Europe

Diversity and inclusion are now top strategic priorities for 21st century business leaders. Across the globe, many general counsel and law firm managing partners are engaged in the debate and committed to creating the conditions for diverse and inclusive organisations.

A numbers game: diversity in Europe

Diversity and Inclusion Report: Europe

We began our survey of European GCs and other leading in-house legal figures by posing the question ‘Do you think that the legal team has a role to play in promoting diversity and inclusion in the wider organisation?’

By the numbers: diversity in the US | Quantitative analysis

Diversity and Inclusion Report: US

To complement the qualitative research carried out with those featured and profiled in this publication, a comprehensive quantitative investigation looking at diversity and inclusion from all angles was completed in order to add depth to the research.