In December 2020, the Beijing Patent Attorneys Association announced the results of “Double Excellence Selection” – excellent patent agencies and excellent agents – for the year of 2019-2020. Our firm AFD China Intellectual Property Law Office was awarded Beijing Excellent Patent Agency and it has been the fourth time that we received the honor. Our Domestic Technical Director Mr. Long Hong has been recognized as an Excellent Patent Agent in Beijing in the same selection.

The selection on Innovative Institutions of Excellent Agencies in Beijing in 2019-2020 focuses on the innovative ability of a patent agency and more specifically including the abilities of noticing to the changes in clients’ needs and market demands in the course of business development and client services, constantly adapting to meet the new needs from clients and the market, finding  new approaches and means to serve clients, and improving service quality from a new perspective and building the agency’s own brand. AFD China winning this is an affirmation of our attention to IP industry, clients’ demand and casting corresponding professional services, and also an appreciation of our diversified service models.

We have established the work frame and steps to provide client with all-round one-stop intellectual property services, which substantially benefit our clients in establishing and protecting their IP rights and avoiding and dealing with IP disputes.

We are a one-stop firm that offer assistance in the whole process of IP identification and protection from research and development, pilot test, market launch to market monitor and development, companying the establishment to development and growth of our clients. Our services include but not limited to IP search, risk analysis, acquisition and strategy planning, filing and prosecution, review, opposition and invalidation, maintenance, enforcement, exportation, listing and right transfer, and other legal analysis and risk assessment works. We also help client do contract review, conduct infringement analysis, draft and send warning letters, make protection plans, and act in IP disputes, etc. In addition, we also offer lectures and trainings to client enterprises and organizations, help them obtain IP knowledge, establish and improve IP property management system, make plans, perform evaluations and appraisals, and advise on IP-related deals.

We are a full service firm that will consider protecting client’s IPs from different angles and directions in the whole serving process. For example, when consulting a patent matter, we will also comprehensively consider any possible action on the aspects of trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and other IP rights, in addition to the goals, requirements and interests from the patent perspective, to provide a broad-minded legal advice to our clients.

Our professionals have rich experience in IP practices and solid scientific and technological backgrounds. With forward-thinking approaches, meticulous attitude and professional skills, they attend to clients’ ideas and interests, meet their needs, and assist in seeking effective solutions, to create opportunities for clients and effectively protect their IP rights in China and abroad.

Mr. Long Hong, Domestic Technical Director of AFD China, is a patent attorney and litigator, who always help clients solve problems with his solid technical background and in-depth understanding of patent practice. Patents drafted and prosecuted by him have won the Gold and Excellence prizes of the China Patent Award for many times. He led the team on many patent invalidation and litigation cases on behalf of our clients and won trust from them by the good tracking records. Mr. Long pays close attention to the training of our team, sharing his own experience and observations on new situations and new problems encountered in practice regularly to help the team grow and provide high-quality services.

Our honor, success, and development rely on the contribution of our team and the faith and support of our clients. AFD China has always looked at ways to build a strong, inclusive, and diversified team instead of taking the risk might due to weakness of an individual practitioner. We want to ensure that no matter how the firm adjusts its internal working flows the quality of service provided to our clients is never compromised. We will continue improve ourselves and actively respond to changes from the needs of our clients and challenges in the industry.

2020 is the 18th year since our establishment. We would turn into an adult if we were a person. There is an old Chinese saying “志以发言,言以出信,信以立志,参以定之” which is interpreted as “if there is will, it will be formed into language; if there is language, it will have credit; if there is credit, it will strengthen the will. These three things are interrelated and unified.” This is also true for the establishment and development of a firm. After 18 years of practice, AFD China has formed its unique working manner and its own corporate culture – “重信守诺、安信方达 (Keep promises, be faithful and reliable, which will lead us to success)”. We always believe that sincerity and professionalism are the keys to success and have been practicing this belief in our daily work. We always adhere to the premise of understanding our clients, carry out work with forward-looking thinking and meticulous attitude, listen to and care for client’s needs, provide personalized services, safeguard their rights and interests, and strive to fulfill the mission of a responsible and socially responsible enterprise.

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