Finding the right fit: Amy Flanagan and Sarah Posner

Amy Flanagan Bogle and Sarah Posner are at the helm of HR and Legal Recruitment at Clifford Chance in the US. They pass on a few tips for making the right career choices.

So, you want to pursue a career in the law … For many, success means landing an offer from one of their chosen firms. For others, the eventual aspiration may be joining an in-house legal department. And for some, it may be leveraging their degree to open doors in a particular field of business.

How can you be sure the choice you make is the right one for you? What considerations will you need to take into account? And further, how can you be sure that in pursuing the career you want, you’re taking the right steps?

In our experience, selecting the right law firm should reflect your personal views on the optimal balance of culture, substantive focus and business strategy. And if you take one piece of advice from these pages, let it be to keep sight of who you are.

Whether you are just finishing law school or looking to make a move, remember that finding the right fit is a two-way street. Everyone is equally invested in the outcome. For your part, we suggest learning as much as you can about your prospective firm. Understand its values, and then decide if they align with yours.

Also, be savvy about the market. Recognize that a career in law is also a career in business, and treat your career as any entrepreneur would treat her or his business. The fact is: no one gets to practice law unless someone first brings in the work. Prove to your employer that you’re prepared and enthusiastic about the opportunity. We‘ve always found that enthusiasm for the job is invaluable.

The stories in this book are meant to do more than provide interview advice. Many of those featured found paths they could never have imagined at the beginning of their careers. The secret is: there is no right answer. But our hope for you is that the candid advice from others who found success and happiness will certainly help.

As leaders in Legal Recruiting and Human Resources, our business is connecting with people. We are successful when those we hire tell us, “You were right, this really is a great place to work.”

We hope the profiles in this book will prove useful in your search for the right fit. If we can help in any way, feel free to reach out.

Sarah Posner
Head of Legal Recruiting, US

Amy Flanagan Bogle
Director of Human Resources, Americas