Only in the last 4 weeks, the partners of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL had the wonderful opportunity to visit and take part in meetings in two key places where law is created and the tradition of the democratic system is shaped.


We would be honored if you could find some time to click on the link below and read our detailed report on our visit to Washington’s Capitol Hill:

This is a special place for all lawyers regardless of their jurisdiction. It was here that key decisions were made that definitively shaped the milestones of the 20th century: the New Deal, the flight to the moon, military interventions. However, it is not only a place where some of the most important political decisions in the world are made, but above all, it is a place where laws are made.


The lawyers of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL were met and shown around by a lawyer and Member of Parliament in Denmark, which, according to the index of the international organization World Justice Project, is in first place among all jurisdictions surveyed in the world in terms of universal standards of the rule of law.

Thanks to the courtesy of the organizers, our lawyers had the opportunity to participate in a special visit, which took place both in the current plenary hall and in the working rooms, emphasizing the accents of Greenlandic tradition.

The opportunity to observe key centers of parliamentarism around the world coincided with the situation in which our lawyers of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL analyzed the key principles and mechanisms regulating the standard features of the rule of law as an element of the constitutional system of a democratic state. In April 2024 Jakub Gladkowski took part in in World Justice Project survey as an expert respondent for the European Union Subnational Justice, Governance, and Rule of Law Indicators project. The new research project of the World Justice Project is focused on measuring justice, governance, and the rule of law at the subnational level in every Member State of the European Union (EU). This project, which is supported by the European Commission, aims to collect original and independent survey data based on the experiences and perceptions of the public and legal professionals. Jakub Gladkowski of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL was identified as an expert respondent for Poland, based on qualifications listed by colleagues’ referrals.

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