The Pavel, Mărgărit și Asociații Law Firm , specialized in media and communications technology (TMT) , as well as blockchain, cryptocurrency and token/NFT sales in Romania, assisted a Romanian company, affiliated in the USA, operating in the field of the sale of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens/tokens (NFTs), in the preparation of the necessary documentation for the token/NFT sale operation in the private (private sale) sale in Romania, consisting of the revision of the Token Sale Agreement, revision of the Terms and Conditions applicable to the private sale , from the perspective of Romanian legislation. Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates recommend using the services of alawyer specializing in technology, media and communications (TMT), blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, who can advise you on the drafting and/or review of such contracts in the IT and blockchain industry in Romania , including, without the limit to contracts for the sale of tokens/NFT in private rooms , as well as any other smart contracts for the provision of services in the field of information technology.

The legal assistance consisted in the revision, mainly, of the Contract for the sale of non-fungible tokens (Tokens) , especially on some elements related to the conditions for accepting orders of non-fungible tokens (tokens), as well as regarding the risks involving a such sale of NFTs : the fact that the value of the tokens can change, independently of the will of the parties, accepting that they can have no value, as well as the fact that the amounts paid by the buyer can be lost, highlighting the idea that engaging in – such a contract is extremely sensitive, and its clauses must be very well explained and transparent.

In the situation where you want to enter into a contract for the sale of NFTs , the Pavel Mărgărit and Associates Law Firm recommends contacting a lawyer specialized in media and communications technology (TMT), as well as blockchain, cryptocurrencies and token sales/ NFTs in Romania , who can advise you on the necessary documentation and the provision of complete and correct information in order to conclude a Token Sale Agreement .

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