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Romania > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 3

Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm impresses with its ‘flexibility and quick access to staff and partners at all times‘. With over 16 years’ experience in the market, the ‘very helpful and accessible‘ managing partner Radu Pavel is the main contact. Areas of expertise include refinancings, distressed asset sales, pre-insolvency procedures and related litigations and debt recovery actions. The firm represents creditors and debtors, and has been particularly active in the manufacturing, natural resources, and real estate and construction sectors.

Practice head(s):

Radu Pavel


‘We value the practice for flexibility and quick access to staff and partners at all times.’

‘We find the senior partner Radu Pavel very helpful and accessible.’


Romania > Real estate and construction Tier 4

Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm is noted for its ‘great experience in real estate and construction‘. The firm regularly assists on corporate structures including joint ventures between land owners and developers, as well as asset and portfolio acquisitions. This experience encompasses a wide range of asset classes including mining and natural resources, retail, residential, industrial and hospitality. Managing partner Radu Pavel is commended for being ‘very attentive, timely and an experienced real estate lawyer‘.

Practice head(s):

Radu Pavel


‘Pavel, Margarit and Associates team of lawyers has great experience in real estate and construction practice and they are valued on the Romanian market for their promptness, great attention to detail and making the matter at hand genuinely understandable for the client.’

‘Radu Pavel, the managing partner, is a very attentive, timely and an experienced real estate lawyer.’


The firm: Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm has over 17 years of experience and has been recognized on the market as a strong and respected firm that assists and advises both domestic and international clients, key players from different industries on complex mandates.

The law firm is characterized by international reach and the multidisciplinary approach that our team takes on all projects. Almost all of our projects are cross-border, working with Magic Circle firms and other leading firms from all over the world.

We assembled a team of highly skilled attorneys with extensive experience, eager to dedicate their time and best efforts, to provide high-end legal services, having the knowledge and ability to approach every transaction from start to closing, working side by side with our clients, to make sure that their objectives are fully achieved.

We reach to our clients by offering our legal know-how, competency and reliability throughout the process of adopting and implementing the most effective solutions and sophisticated strategies, with the sole purpose of protecting their interests. Furthermore, we believe that each customer should receive tailored services, in a timely manner.

Areas of practice:

Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm provides legal services in the following practice areas: Corporate, Commercial and M&A, Banking, Finance and Capital Markets, Energy and Natural Resources, Real Estate and Construction, Dispute Resolution, Insolvency, Restructuring and Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, Employment and Labour Law and Criminal Law & White Collar Crime, to mention the most important.

We advice on project finance, acquisition, business transfers, cross-border transactions, data protection, communications and IT, environmental law, regulatory legal services, to name a few.

Corporate, Commercial and M&A PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel
Corporate, Commercial and M&A Claudia Pavel
Restructuring & Insolvency PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel
Real Estate & Construction PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel
Banking, Finance and Capital Markets PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel
Banking, Finance and Capital Markets Claudia Pavel
Energy PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel
Dispute Resolution PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel
Dispute Resolution Claudia Pavel
Administrative and Public Law PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel
Telecoms, IT, Media and Technology PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel
Criminal Law and White-Collar Crime PHD Nicolae Margarit
Intellectual property PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel
PhD Nicolae Margarit  photo PhD Nicolae Margarit Prof. Dr. Nicolae Margarit attorney at law has a vast experience in…
Radu Pavel photo Radu PavelRadu Catalin Pavel is the Managing Partner and Founder of Pavel, Margarit…
Claudia Pavel  photo Claudia Pavel Claudia Pavel is a business oriented professional, with studies in Law and…
PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel  photo PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel Within more than 13 years of sophisticated and diversified business practice, Radu…
Number of lawyers : 15+
Asociación Europea de Abogados (AEA International Lawyer Network)
Bucharest Bar
Managing Partner : PhDc Radu Catalin Pavel,
Executive Director : Claudia Pavel,

We know that diversity can be reached in a working environment of inclusion, understanding, respect and opportunity where everyone can reach their potential.

We recruit and retain the best people and we aim to develop them to perform to the highest level.

By valuing differences among people and utilizing the best talents of everyone, we maximize the productivity, creativity, contribution and commitment of our team.
Our commitment is to provide our clients with the highest quality legal service in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. We appreciate the differences among our people and the benefit from diversity of their background and experiences.

We commit ourselves to the highest principles of honesty, fairness and truth.

We commit ourselves to the long-term viability of our firm. We value our culture and strive to preserve it.

The firm is committed to ensure equal opportunity to all its staff. Thru its history, the firm promoted diversity by hiring and retention of women as lawyers and staff.

The firm diversity vision is to develop professional opportunities and to foster an environment in which minorities and women may perform proudly and give the firm’s clients the benefits of a law firm balanced fully in terms of race, ethnicity and gender.

Our success in retention has resulted from the appraisals of performance and realistic evaluations regarding the potential for promotion.

The firm is providing coaching and mentoring to associate lawyers.

The firm values diversity because it encourages the innovative thinking that results from a broad range of perspectives.

We believe in supporting pro bono cases that have a meaningful impact and we undertake pro bono matters with the same innovative solutions and high-end legal advice to the best of our knowledge that we deliver in all our work.

As part of our law firm commitment in CSR, sponsorships and pro bono, we are sustaining scientific associations to achieve their goals, we are sustaining scientific magazines and we provide learning materials for members.

1. Assisted one of the biggest foreign investors in Romanian mining industry, a leading UK AIM listed company, Vast Resources Plc, in a cross-border transaction spanning three jurisdictions, regarding a Prepayment Agreement with a value up to USD 9.5 million with one of the largest integrated energy and commodity trading companies in the world. Our services included: drafting the sale-purchase agreements for ore concentrate, drafting legal opinions, regulatory matters in environmental, water management, exploitation licence and exploration program, including fulfilling all the precedent and subsequent conditions of the transaction. Negotiation, registration and perfection of the security documents in connection with the transaction documentation.

2. Assisted a leading UK Ltd company, with operations in mineral resources and gold exploration, in a cross-border acquisition of a Romanian gold exploration company. Legal services: drafting the SPA, fulfilment of the Condition Precedent, due diligence on mining matters, transaction structuring, natural resources regulatory matters, compliance matters, corporate and mining legislation, contracts, security documents.

3. Assisted one of the biggest foreign investors in Romanian mining industry, a leading UK AIM listed company focused in Zimbabwe, Zambia and other jurisdictions, in the two phase cross-border acquisition of a leading Romanian mining company. Our services included: drafting the transaction documents, security documents, advising on due diligence mining matters, transaction structuring and natural resources regulatory and compliance matters.

4. Assisted the main shareholders of a top hypermarket in Romania in a transaction of acquisition of shares from a minority shareholder. The advice included the analysis of the sale assets, the preparation and negotiation of the sale – purchase agreement, corporate approvals and debt assignments.

5. Advised in day-to-day legal operations a major real estate developer in Romania, in the development of a five stars resort, in value over EUR 100 million. Legal advice: legal opinions on real estate legal issues, asset evaluation, due diligence, regulatory matters, drafting and negotiation of promissory sale and sale purchase agreements, transaction and security documents, real estate litigation matters.

6. Advised a multi-commodity resource exploration and development company in Romania, in a multi-million Euros merger through absorption project with a former state owned mining company. Our services included: advising on mining due diligence matters, transaction structuring and regulatory matters, advice on regulatory framework in mining and regarding the compliance matters.

7. Advised a leading Italian energy player in the acquisition of a photovoltaic Project in Romania. Our services included: drafting the SPA, regulatory issues, concession, electricity agreements, licensing, assisting with procedural steps and liaising with the relevant authorities in the energy field, advising on regulatory framework in energy and compliance matters.

8. Advised a major Romanian iron and steel manufacturer in a successful reorganization process during the entire insolvency procedure until the reintegration into the Romanian economic circuit. The company held assets amounting over EUR 2.8 million. Our services included: reorganization process strategy, reorganization plan documentation, Director’s liabilities, large loans reschedule, preliminary table of receivables appeals, Reorganization Plan drafting and implementation. The firm successfully secured for the Client a large haircut of the unsecured claims, which was essential for company’s restructuration.

Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm successfully represented a Romanian company operating in the energy industry in order to reject an application for the opening of insolvency procedure filed in bad faith by a business partner

Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm assisted a major company in the energy industry, part of a well-known group with a high reputation on the international market, in an insolvency case following an abusive request of a business partner for opening the insolvency procedure. This request was, in fact, a way of forcing the company to pay a debt. In such cases, Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommends to discuss with a lawyer specialized in insolvency, reorganization and bankruptcy law in order to legally reject the bad faith claim in Romania.Pavel, Margarit and Associates services included legal assistance and representation in front of the Court, drafting defences against the request of the creditor, drafting written arguments and other procedural documents for supporting client position, reviewing and submitting evidence for counter-arguing the insolvency arguments of the other party, reviewing and invoking case law for supporting client position.Pavel, Margarit and Associates successfully won the case in front of the first court. We exposed to the court that the company is not insolvent.Pavel, Margarit and Associates succeeded to prevent the opening of insolvency proceedings used by the creditor as a constraint to pay a claimed debt in Romania.Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm represented creditors and debtors, clients from Romania and from abroad, having lawyers specialized in the field of insolvency proceedings in Romania and offering legal assistance and representation in successful projects in Romania.“We are happy to be ranked on the 3rd place in Romania in the Insolvency and Restructuring area of practice by the International Legal Guide Legal 500 from London, UK. This is the recognition of our team of lawyer’s expertise in the insolvency, reorganization and bankruptcy in Romania.” said Radu Pavel, The Managing Partner of Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm.In order to carry out the insolvency procedure, and especially to reject an application for opening the insolvency proceedings filled in bad faith, Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommend addressing this legal issue to a lawyer specialized in insolvency proceedings in Romania in order to assist the creditors or debtors in front of the Romanian Insolvency Court.Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm is one of the top law firms in Romania, offering top legal advice. The Romanian law firm’s clients are foreign and top local companies and high worth individuals. In 2022, the success stories of the Romanian Law Firm have brought recognition from the most prestigious international guides and publications. The firm was ranked third place in Romania by the Legal 500 publication. The Romanian law firm is also recognized by IFLR 1000 Financial and Corporate Guide 2022. Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm is also the only law firm in Romania recommended by the Global Law Experts Director in London in the Dispute Resolution area of Practice. All the relevant information regarding Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm can be found on the website

Pavel Mărgărit and Associates Romanian Law Firm advised the shareholder of a major Romanian green energy company, negotiating and resolving various disputes between the company’s shareholders on commercial and civil matters.

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