Obtaining Permission for Your Boat to Enter Thailand

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When you are entering Thailand’s territorial waters, you must comply with the instructions as follows:

Find a parking space for your boat

You can choose between a public (government-owned) or a private port.

Tha Chalong is a public port in Phuket, usually free of charge. However, there are very few parking spaces available. The officer informed me that you might dock your boat outside the port by dropping an anchor, but since there are many storms, the officer does not recommend it.

On the other hand, private ports are great alternatives. You can choose from the following list:

  1. Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina
  2. Ao Por Grand Marina
  3. Phuket Yacht Heaven Marina

Phuket Marina registration process

After the boat docks, you must complete the process at the Phuket Marina Building:

  1. Registration: you can pre-register via the website (https://seb.md.go.th/arrival) or at the Marine Department Office on the arrival date.
  2. Public Health Room
  3. Marine Officer Room: to submit all documents
  4. Immigration: normally, it is free of charge; however, under the following circumstances, there shall be an additional fee of 200 THB.

4.1 If you come to immigration outside of the working hours (9 a.m. to
3 p.m.)

4.2 If you dock your boat outside Tha Chalong

4.3 If you make an appointment with the officer

  1. Customs:

Arrival: free of charge on weekdays and 800 THB on weekends

Departure: 200 THB on weekdays and 1000 THB on weekends

Required documents:

  • Boat Registration: if issued in Malaysia, you must scan the QR Code and present the expiry date to the Customs officer.
  • Passport and Immigration stamp
  • The name in the Boat Registration and the boat’s owner must be the same. If the captain is another person, the boat’s owner must assign a power of attorney to the captain to be submitted to Customs.
  • Your boat photos (the name of the boat must be clearly visible).
  1. Marine Officer Room: to receive the documents

*The process takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the situation.

In the event that you hold an international boat license, you are eligible to drive your foreign-registered boat within Thailand’s territorial waters. However, if you wish to drive a Thai-registered boat, you must apply for a Thai boating license under Thai law.

*Kindly be informed that there might be additional costs apart from the above list.

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