iSTART1® –  is a new platform for legal and financial support based in the Lower Manhattan at One World Trade Center, 85th Floor, New York, NY 10007, USA, focused on venture capital and private equity transactions, accelerating networking and financial security of transactions in American business in the European Union in the IT, cybersecurity, defence, climate transition, life sciences, pharma and biotech sectors.

iSTART1® is a registered trademark of KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL, our company’s initiative is also a marketing and promotional offensive for cross-border legal services for transactions of American non-public entities investing in the European Union in the pharmaceutical, IT, cybersecurity and defence sectors.

There are two groups of our global services related therewith: on the one hand, there is transaction advisory assistance (we advise on the content of contracts, how to secure payments and the rules of international acquisition and merger of companies); and on the other hand, we offer investment advisory services. We promote cooperation between start-ups and venture partners and assist in serving their transactions. These two types of services have one common goal in the form of acceleration of business (this is always the primary goal of our services).

Our lawyers prepared practical guidelines – Elevator Pitch – which is a simple textbook how to persuade potential investor to invest and to enter into a joint venture with a start-up at different stage of its growth. The webinar also presents practical hints about the investment contract and crucial clauses that should be included there, including practical points how to best secure the entrance of investor into the deal: 


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