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As the clock is ticking, the non-stop preparations for hosting the biggest sports event in the Globe are becoming more intense in the state of Qatar. FIFA World Cup 2022 is not only the biggest sports event in the world, but is rather considered one of the biggest international events, an event that gathers people from all around the world in one country. Such gigantic event needs a set of legislations and regulations to guarantee a smooth and stable hosting experience, consequently the Qatari Legislator has issued a set of legislations in regards with FIFA World Cup 2022. In this Article, the author will give a brief overview of the FIFA Intellectual Property Law (Law number 11 of 2021 on the protection of trademarks, copyrights and related rights of Fédération Internationale de Football Association “FIFA”).

Scope of Protection:

The law introduced a very important matter in article (7) as it Gives any FIFA trademark the recognition and protection even if the aforementioned were not registered officially in Qatar, the only condition requested is the registration of the trademark in any member country to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property which Qatar is a signatory of.

The Legislator explicitly stated that the protection is valid until the end of FIFA World Cup 2022, as stipulated in article (1), particularly in the definition of FIFA owned Trademarks.

Accelerated Procedures:

Article (2) of the Law held a number of responsibilities on the designated “Office” at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in addition, it obliged the office to respond in relatively short periods of time as clarified below:

  • Existing (Trademark, Copy Rights and Neighboring Rights) investigation – The office must respond in (3) days starting the date of request receival. Article (3)
  • Registering the licensing contract using the Trademark in the registry – The office must take action in (15) days starting the date of request receival. Article (4)
  • Registering Trademarks – The office must act in (15) days starting the date of request receival, in addition, The Office shall not reject nor ask for modifications on the aforementioned request unless there was a previous registered trademark, however, FIFA can submit a grievance to the competent committee which must respond in (15) days. – Article (5)
  • The Law stipulated several other responsibilities on The Office, the duration of (15) days – For The Office to respond- is not exceeded.


Article (9) exempted FIFA from submitting the statement mentioned in article (45) of the Law number (7) of 2002. Moreover, Article (10) Exempted FIFA from any fees that may incur upon Registering or depositing Trademarks, works, audio recordings, performances and radio broadcasts.


After reviewing FIFA IP Law, it is clear that the legislator is willing to sustain the so-far successful road of hosting FIFA 2022 world Cup; by issuing a Law that focuses on giving FIFA more Protection in the Trademarks and Copyrights field.

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