The new Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson and EU Immigration

The word Brexit has been in the British mainstream media since the 2016 referendum and Immigration solicitors UK agree that it is no doubt causing much stress and uncertainty for those EU nationals living in the UK and also for all the  UK nationals living in Europe. Furthermore, the recent election of Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister, who does not oppose the outcome of a No Deal Brexit, will not, as far as we can tell until now change the policies that were put in place by the former Prime Minister Theresa May to accommodate EU nationals in the lead up to the U.K.’s departure from the EU with regards to applying through the EU Settlement Scheme.

Our informative article written by top immigration solicitors London on our website discusses the recent shift in the UK political landscape encapsulated by a harder more right leaning Conservative Government led under the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson. We also shed light on the most important UK immigration factor for EU nationals who want to move to, remain in and continue living in the UK for the long term. Click here to read the full article.

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