The Home Office spent £250K+ on deportation flights in a 3 month period that were never used

Immigration solicitors London who work at our firm wrote a new opinion piec discussing the very disturbing article published by the Guardian newspaper in London on July 30th 2019. The article claimed that around 12,000 immigrants are removed by force each year in the UK and a further 20,000 are removed under the voluntary returns route. Furthermore, when making such removals the UK government uses charter flights that have removed people to numerous different countries including Ghana, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Albania and Jamaica amongst others.


The Guardian article went on to report that UK immigration policy has become an absolute fiasco where the Home Office spent over a quarter of a million in a 3 month period on charter flights to deport individuals over the last three months that never took off. The best immigration solicitors London state that this is an absolute farce, it is not only a massive waste of money but is also a heartless way to conduct immigration policy in the developed world. To find out more of the views from Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors on this topic, click here to read the full article. 

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