The creation of an Australian Points Based Immigration System in the UK

The top immigration Lawyers London state that since the election of the new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a big change has occurred in political rhetoric of the country regarding the future of the UK’s immigration policies where the words “Australian Points Based System” been showcased in the mainstream media.

Our team of Immigration lawyers London also confirm tha the idea of an Australian points based system is nothing new to Boris Johnson, who has been speaking about this ever since the leadup to the 2016 Brexit referendum. Moreover, it is totally contradictory to the vision of his predecessor Teresa May as it would not cut immigration figures but would rather increase them by trying to fill the Uk labour market with highly skilled workers who can enter the country using a new points based criteria, to live and work. 

Our legal blog discusses the implementation of an Australian points based system in the UK and how it could take shape. To read the full article about this topic, click here.

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