Special Rules on Compulsory Prophylactic Isolation of Petroleum Industry’s Employees.

Further to the entry into force of Government Decree 14/2021, of 29 April 2021, as amended – approving the implement of the renewed declaration of State of Emergency in force from May 3rd (12:00 am) until June 2nd (11:59 pm) – and Ministerial Order 31/2021, of 7 May 2021, which establishes the rules for compulsory prophylactic isolation, the Ministry of Health has approved Ministerial Order 32/2021, of 7 May 2021, setting forth the Special Rules on Compulsory Prophylactic Isolation of Petroleum Industry’s Employees (“Ministerial Order 32/2021”).

Employees of entities engaged in the petroleum activities, subject to compulsory prophylactic isolation under Ministerial Order 32/2021, notably those entering the national territory, are required to comply with compulsory prophylactic isolation for fourteen (14) days and submit a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test certificate issued less than seventy-two (72) hours before the date of entrance.

Employees providing services at the Bayu-Undan’s oil rig must also comply with the following additional rules:

Upon arrival at the oil rig, they must perform their work in separate locations, isolated, for a total period of six (6) days, in strict obedience to social distancing, respiratory etiquette and regular hand hygiene rules;

During their whole stay, they must comply with the procedures defined by the Operator (Santos Pty Ltd); and

Upon return to onshore Timor-Leste at the end of their shifts, they are subject to a new compulsory prophylactic isolation of fourteen (14) days, in health establishments, residences or in isolation centers made available by the State for that purpose.

Compliance with the provisions of Ministerial Order 32/2021 is supervised by the health professionals responsible for epidemiological surveillance, in coordination with the employers. Both are required to carry out a daily monitoring of the health of employees in isolation, coordinate the immediate performance of laboratory tests on individuals with symptoms of SARS-Cov-2 and ensure their transfer to therapeutic isolation in a health facility, residence or a State facility designated for such purpose.

Ministerial Order 32/2021 has entered into force on May 8th, with retroactive effect as of April 29th.

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