In December 2023, the foreign shareholder XA Flugzeugbau GmbH formally registered as a shareholder of Shanghai Rode Helicopter Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ” Rode Helicopter “),and thereafter, all the parties concerned completed all the closing procedures of the project. At this point, all part of transaction for Rode Helicopter’s wholly-owned acquisition of RS Helikopter GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “German RS”), a German coaxial twin-rotor helicopter and UAV R&D and manufacturing enterprise, have been completed.

Via this transaction, Rode Helicopter realized its wholly ownership of German RS, and the former offshore shareholder of German RS also became a foreign shareholder of Rode Helicopter by way of a foreign acquisition deal. All the relevant parties will carry out closer cooperation in the aspects of capital operation, products R&D, and production and supply in China, Germany and other relevant countries. AnJie Broad as the leading counsel of Rode Helicopter, rendered specialized legal services for this transaction.

The transaction involves two major parts, i.e. the ODI acquisition of a German entity by a PRC enterprise, and the foreign acquisition by a foreign investor in China. AnJie Broad took the lead in coordinating our German counsel to complete German foreign investment security review analysis and all closing-related matters of German part of transaction, and lead the China part of the transaction throughout the whole course. AnJie Broad’s working responsibilities involve design of transaction structure and risks analysis, drafting and revising China part transaction documents, fully participation in negotiations with the foreign counterparty on site and remotely, preparation of offshore closing ancillary documents, management of offshore escrow account, coordinating onshore and offshore closing procedures, issuing PRC legal opinions for the purpose of company registration and supervision in German, and etc. AnJie Broad’s professional, comprehensive and efficient legal service has won high praise by the client and the counterparties.


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