Regulations on Online Commercial Registration and Publications in Angola

Executive Decree 168/2020, of 1 June 2020, which approved the Regulations on Procedures for Online Promotion of Commercial Registration Acts and Publication of Acts related to Companies (“Regulation”) entered into force.

The Regulations governs the following matters:

  1. Online commercial registration acts, namely the incorporation and winding up of companies and amendments to their By-laws;
  2. Requests and issuance of permanent registration certificates, which are now made available electronically and are accessible through a code to be issued for an indefinite period; and
  3. Procedures for electronic publication of acts relating to companies’ activities.

The performance of acts online, submission of requests for permanent certificates and publication of mandatory acts shall be carried out through the website, which is managed by the Companies’ One-Stop Shop (Guiché Único da Empresa).

The Regulations apply to all companies incorporated  through the website, leaving outside its scope the acts to be mandatorily performed by means of public deeds executed before Notary Public, except for publication purposes.

Access to the information advertised on the site ( is free of charge.

Any legal statutes providing otherwise are deemed as repealed.

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