The National Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Agency (“ANPG”), the National Concessionaire for the Angolan oil sector, has recently made available the online registration form for the sector’s suppliers

Further to the enactment of Presidential Decree 271/20, of 20 October 2020, which approves the new legal framework for the promotion of local content rules in the Angolan oil sector and revokes Ministry of Petroleum’s Order 127/03, of 25 November, ANPG has recently made available the online registration form for suppliers of goods and services to the oil sector.

The online form is available at ANPG’s website (here: Supplier Registration | ANPG) and must be completed and submitted with information on the following topics:

  1. General information on the applicant;
  2. General information on the relevant legal representative;
  3. Copies of corporate documentation;
  4. Details on the share capital distribution;
  5. Corporate purpose and track record;
  6. Local content compliance;
  7. Accounting and financing;
  8. Legal compliance; and
  9. Technical capacity and quality assurance.

ANPG has a pivotal role in the implementation of local content rules in Angola, as it is tasked with the creation of the methodology, the measurement of the local content rates and, in general, with the supervision of the enforcement of local content rules in all petroleum operations and activities.

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