Limited Leave To Remain Application Costs Have Become Unaffordable

After reading an article on dated August 6th 2019, our immigration lawyers London agree that there is a big problem with those who find themselves on the “limited leave to remain status” who claim that no matter even if you spend the majority of your life in the UK this means nothing. 

Top immigration lawyers UK confirm that the Home Office has been, in recent years, putting to use a much tougher stance towards people who hold this immigration status which leads to indefinite leave to remain after 10 years. Those on this immigration status are subjected to numerous renewal fees and application processes where a large population of them are young and feel as though they are being driven out of the country as a result of this now unaffordable process. This leaves them in a limbo where they are subjected to constant frustration and a never-ending application process where their nationalities are constantly examined and makes them never feel at home in the country that they identify with the most.

Our latest article discusses this very depressing immigration paradigm and our team of top immigration lawyers London can help those of you who find yourselves in this catch 22 situation with advice and assistance. Click here to read the full piece on our website.

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