Explained: All you need to know about digital services for family disputes in the UAE

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In a recent development, the Ras Al Khaimah Courts Department has launched a new electronic registration system for family cases. The new service can be accessed through the official electronic portal maintained by the Ras Al Khaimah government. The new system for electronic filing has been now introduced with the specific aims to simplify the entire process, making it more customer-friendly in order to achieve speedy submission of applications before the family guidance department. By launching the e-services, the customers can rely on the online process without the requirement to attend the court physically. This is a great boon and advancement to the traditional court procedures, and without doubt a welcome move for all. The reliance on online services will ensure that customers can take easy steps matching with the demands of daily life and avoid being bogged down by rigid court rules and procedures.

How to access the system:

In order to access the system, the customers need to simply log in, in an easy and quick process, by using their digital identity. The site can be accessed either directly or through the government website for Ras Al Khaimah. The customer will be asked to enter a verification code that will be sent to their phone by using the service itself. Once the login is completed, the customer will be required to submit a quick form that includes their submissions and will be required to create a personal profile.

Key features of the new electronic system:

Some of the key features provided by the new electronic system allow customers to avail the services for a diverse number of requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Making submissions
  • Follow up requests on existing matters
  • Submit inquiry
  • View the case detail and next hearing dates

The term ‘family law’ in the UAE broadly refers to the Federal Law no. 28 of 2005 on ‘Personal Status’ and its amendments (Personal Status law) that governs all aspects relating to the marriage, divorce, maintenance, child custody, succession and guardianship matters concerning both UAE nationals and residents. The personal status law is guided by the Islamic principles of Sharia and its traditions. The said law is broad in its application and comprises of an exhaustive three hundred and sixteen articles, and the provisions relating to the same are constantly amended. Family counselling advice provided by the centre has often proven to be highly effective in resolving family disputes. The type of family disputes that can be submitted to the counselling centre involves maintenance matters, marital disharmony, divorce consideration, child custody matters, amongst others. It is also mandatory that the counselling steps are completed in order for a formal case to be launched before the Ras Al Khaimah courts.

More often than not, the family counselling centre enjoys a high success rate in resolving resolve family disputes and endeavors to reach effective solutions. The newly launched e-service system now endeavors to provide a complete digital solution that can completely dispense paperwork and also to provide a more effective multipurpose system that enables quicker transaction by shortening lead times.

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