Equatorial Guinea – Automated System for Customs Data

The Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) has been adopted in Equatorial Guinea by means of Order No. 11/2020, of 30 April 2020, of the Minister of Finance, Economy and Planning.

As per the Order, all customs formalities, regardless of the applicable customs regime, should now be completed through the ASYCUDA. The Order also deals with some customs-related requirements, such as deadlines for the filing of cargo manifests and rules on the submission and acceptance of customs declarations.

All economic operators that handle import and/or export procedures (including carriers, clearing agents, cargo owners and consignees, freight forwarders, cargo agencies and remote users) must register with the General Customs Directorate as ASYCUDA users.

Beneficiaries of customs exemptions must obtain a Minister of Finance, Economy and Planning’s approval and register with the Customs General Directorate for subsequent registration in the ASYCUDA.

The new system applies to all customs procedures taking place in ports, airports and at the offices of the Malabo, Bata, Ebibeyín and Mongomo Principal Customs Administrations.


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