Dubai International Financial Centre-The London Court of International Arbitration

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The DIFC-LCIA administers arbitrations and mediations. It is a joint venture between the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Arbitration Institute (DAI), and the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).

Established in 2008,the DIFC-LCIA administers arbitration and mediation cases in various sectors, including construction, media, real estate, international trade, finance, banking, maritime, leisure and telecommunications, and between local, regional and international parties.

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DIFC-LCIA consolidates and enhances Dubai’s role as the major Centre for the resolution of commercial disputes both regionally, for those doing business in and with the Gulf and Arab states, and globally, for those looking for an arbitration and mediation Centre with world class capabilities situated in a neutral jurisdiction. Its main objective is to promote and administer effective, efficient and flexible arbitration and mediation services for businesses across various sectors in numerous languages and applying different governing laws.

We, one of the leading local law firms in UAE have a team of experienced professionals who are apt in Arbitration both under Common law as well as Civil law and have successfully conducted cases in this forum.

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