From the perspective of forms of ownership, it is divided into public or private property. Private property is the right of the owner to possess,use, dispose and the right of control of a real property in Romania exclusively, absolutely, and continuously, within the conditions of the real estate law, which may impose limitations on the attributes of property rights in Romania. For example, disputes over property rights may arise when there are uncertainties about who is entitled to exercise the property right for a specific movable or immovable asset, or when the issue of violating private property arises, necessitating the imposition of sanctions for violating the right of private property. Therefore, The Romanian Law Firm Pavel Mărgărit and Associates recommends contacting a land dispute lawyer in Romania, both to prevent the occurrence of a property dispute in Romania and in the process of analyzing rights, interpreting relevant documents, collecting evidence, and ensuring representation in court for obtaining a favorable solution in a real property dispute.

It is essential to distinguish between the right of ownership and the right of possession. The distinction, key to understanding property law, lies in the legal content of the right, including the attributes of property rights among with possession. Notably, possession represents a factual state involving control over the asset. However, the possessor is not necessarily the owner, they lack ownership rights but hold the asset as if they were the owner. Within the real estate law in Romania, there are prerogatives of the right of ownership, including the right of possession, the right of use, and the right of control or disposal. The latter involves the owner’s prerogative to decide both materially and legally the fate of the asset. In other words, according to land law. the owner can exercise this prerogative by transferring the ownership right to a third party or, alternatively, the owner can transfer to a third party the right of possession or the right of access to the property.


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