Appealing the decisions issued by CNCI/ANRP in Romania

The restitution of properties in Romania confiscated by the communist regime represents a condamnation of communist abuses and a form of material and moral reparation for unjust behavior. Due to the prolonged duration of resolving ANRP decisions, adjusting compensations reasonably regarding the value of properties unable to be directly restituted should be done through property evaluation based on technical characteristics at the time of decision issuance by the National Commission for the Compensation of Real Estate (CNCI)/National Authority for Property Restitution (ANRP). In Romanian case-law, numerous errors have been identified in the assessment method for ANRP compensations, which is why The Romanian Law Firm Pavel Mărgărit and Associates recommends contacting a lawyer specialized in real estate construction and property resitution in Romania who can provide legal assistance and representation, including analyzing a decision issued by CNCI/ANRP and filing an appeal to obtain the correct value of the property or restitution of properties in Romania either in-kind or through equivalent, according to the provisions of Law 165/ 2013.

Various issues have affected the assessment process of granted compensations, such as discrepancies in property valuation leading to often undervalued compensations for rightful owners, resulting in dissatisfaction with the accuracy of ANRP compensation amounts. Consequently, legislative measures were proposed and adopted to clarify the assessment process and ensure fair compensation for properties unjustly taken during the communist regime. However, the implementation of these regulations and the resolution of disputes have remained an extensive and complex process requiring the involvement of legal experts for property evaluation in Romania. Essentially, through the expert report conducted in the case, an expert establishes the apartment value based on the notarial grid in Romania, upon which a number of ANRP compensation points are attributed to the disputed property. A lawyer specialized in real estate construction and property resitution in Romania can provide legal assistance and representation before competent authorities to correct any errors or discrepancies in ANRP compensation assessment and ANRP decisions, aiming for a favorable resolution, thereby protecting client’s rights and interests.

The Romanian Law Firm Pavel Mărgărit and Associates invites you to confidently contact a lawyer specialized in real estate construction and property resitution in Romania in order to assist you in litigations concerning ANRP compensations according to the notarial grid 2023 and litigations involving CNCI and ANRP decisions by completing the contact form at

By the provisions of Law 165/2013, properties unjustly acquired during the communist regime are to be restituted in-kind, and if restitution of properties in Romania is no longer feasible, reparatory measures in equivalent can be granted, compensating with equivalent goods offered by the entity entrusted with addressing the claim. The correct evaluation of compensations is done according to the notarial grid in Romania and the notarial grid 2023, encompassing criteria such as geographical area, size, construction quality, and other relevant property features. This notarial grid is used to determine scores and coefficients, and the final sum is obtained by adding these evaluations. The Romanian Law Firm Pavel Mărgărit and Associates recommends seeking the services of lawyer specialized in real estate construction and property resitution in Romania to conduct independent evaluations in accordance with the notarial grid  in Romania and the notarial grid 2023  to support the accuracy of evaluations and obtain ANRP compensations in compliance with the provisions of Law 165/2013.


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