Angola – Investment One-Stop Shop in Angola

The Investment One-Stop Shop (“OSS”) was recently set up in Angola through Presidential Decree 167/20, of 15 June 2020. The Executive Branch wanted to afford private investors easy and priority access to Public Administration services and concentrate those services to streamline and speed up the procedures required to implement investment projects and any investments subject to special laws on time.

Supported by a computer platform that ensures interoperability between the different Public Administration services, the OSS will be used by the Agência para o Investimento Privado e Promoção das Exportações (Agency for Private Investment and the Promotion of Exports) (“AIPEX”). The AIPEX will be tasked with securing from Public Administration bodies, on behalf of the investor, any authorizations and services required for the implementation of the investment project within the deadlines set out in the implementation schedule agreed between the AIPEX and the investor (“Schedule”).

Any requests, communications and notices between the investors and the proper Public Administration services must now be made on the OSS. The AIPEX is the only contact of the investor, responsible for cutting the red tape and reducing turnaround times.

Also as part of this reduction of bureaucracy, the act generally releases investors from the obligation of securing provisional licenses and other authorizations from public administration bodies; the Certificado de Registo do Investimento Privado (Private Investment Registration Certificate) (“CRIP”) will now be enough to implement the investment project Should any opinions, approvals, authorizations, acts or formalities be required, the proper body must issue or perform them within the deadlines set out in the Schedule, otherwise it will be deemed to have given its tacit approval.

From 15 June 2020, i.e., the effective date of the act, all requests, communications and notices between investors and Public Administration services must be submitted on the OSS and through the AIPEX only.

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