The 2021 State Budget, approved by Law 42/20, of 31 December 2020, has been recently published. The diploma entered into force on 1 January 2021.

Among the several tax measures, we highlight the following:

§During tax year 2021, decrease from 15% to 6.5% of the Industrial Tax withholding rate applicable on services rendered by non-resident suppliers to oil companies with residency or permanent establishment in Angola;

•Implementation of a simplified VAT regime applicable to taxable persons with a turnover or importations in an amount equal to or lower than Kz 350,000,000. Taxpayers covered by this regime are subject to VAT at the rate of 7%, computed on the basis of their monthly turnover (receivables), with the right to deduct 7% of the total amount of VAT born on their inputs;

•Taxable persons subject to the general or simplified VAT regime that only carry out VAT exempt transactions are now subject to Stamp Duty on receipts at the rate of 7%;

•Approval of a 2.5% rate to be withheld as VAT applicable on receivables obtained via automatic payment terminals  related to supply of goods or services carried out by taxable persons;

•A 5% rate is set forth in connection with the importation and supply of the goods included in the revised Annex I of the VAT Code;

•Amendment of the Inheritance and Donation Tax rates applicable on transfers of movable goods, the maximum rate now being of 2% (previously of 30%);

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