Administrative Sanction Law in a Brand-New Edition

The new edition of the book “Administrative Sanction Law” by Fábio Medina Osório, published by Thomson Reuters/Revista dos Tribunais, is now available on the Amazon platform and in physical bookstores.

This 9th edition has been revised, updated, and expanded, providing a comprehensive analysis of the jurisprudence of the Federal Supreme Court regarding the concept of administrative sanctions proposed by the author since 1999. It also delves into many other theoretical debates involving the legal-punitive relations between the State and individuals, whether natural or legal persons, subject to Administrative Law. Medina Osório introduced to Brazil the theoretical framework that expanded the scope of administrative sanction law to include Law 8.429/92 and Law 12.846/14, which pertain to Administrative Impropriety and Corporate Anti-Corruption, respectively. This expansion considers the judicial sanctioning power subject to the rules and principles of administrative sanction law within the spectrum of the concept of administrative sanction. In this new edition, the jurist analyzes the impact of the landmark judgment of the General Repercussion ARE 843989, with Minister Alexandre de Moraes (STF) as rapporteur, in the context of administrative impropriety and administrative sanction law. Visit the Amazon platform at to buy it.


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