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Legal Developments Worldwide

Execution of foreign judgment in Mauritius

November 2015 - Litigation & Dispute Resolution . Legal Developments by Juristconsult Chambers.

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Execution of foreign judgment in Mauritius - As a matter of law of evidence in Mauritius, foreign law is a matter of fact which can only be proved by expert evidence.

Planificación Pre-Migratoria de Impuestos – Un Enfoque Sistemático

November 2015 - Tax. Legal Developments by Cantor & Webb P.A..

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Para un individuo o familia de alto patrimonio neto, la decisión de emigrar a los Estados Unidos abarca el considerar serias consecuencias impositivas estadounidenses sobre ingresos y transmisiones patrimoniales. Organizar debidamente los asuntos personales, financieros y de negocios antes de emigrar a los Estados Unidos a través de la debida planificación pre-migratoria de impuestos y sucesión de herencia, es esencial para evitar algunos de los problemas que pudieran surgir como consecuencia de no haber planificado apropiadamente.

Atención extranjeros no residentes:Cómo hacer regalos monetarios a hijos residentes de los EEUU

November 2015 - Tax. Legal Developments by Cantor & Webb P.A..

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Los extranjeros no residentes de Estados Unidos frecuentemente hacen regalos monetarios a sus hijos residentes o ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos (descritos más adelante como “hijos estadounidenses”), pero pocos de ellos entienden completamente los problemas relacionados al impuesto sobre la renta y regalos monetarios hechos a individuos estadounidenses. De hecho, muchos de ellos hacen regalos tributables accidentalmente y algunas veces convierten lo que sería un regalo no tributable en renta tributable.

Electronic Money in Nicaragua: Amalgamating technology, law and business

November 2015 - TMT ( Technology, Media & Telecoms). Legal Developments by Alvarado y Asociados.

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In humanity ́s never-ending quest for improvement, technology plays a significant role as to the development of tools, production of devices and equipment, the upgrading of techniques, skills and processes which, in general, lead to the accomplishment of higher and higher goals that impact or influence our lives in different ways.

Czech Republic: International Taxation of Athletes

November 2015 - Tax & Private Client. Legal Developments by Schönherr.

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As the status of professional athletes is not regulated under Czech law, there is a need for legal interpretation on this matter. The Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that athletes' work is of such a specific nature (e.g. the method of their pay, the amount of rest and other non-compliances with the Labour Code), that it is not illegal for clubs and athletes to enter into contracts other than labour contracts. Thus, at least in terms of taxes, athletes can act as self-employed persons. read more...


November 2015 - Corporate and commercial. Legal Developments by Rahman Ravelli Solicitors.

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Aziz Rahman explains why the dropping of plans for an offence of failing to prevent economic crime is no excuse for making prevention a low priority.

The government has quietly dropped plans for a new corporate crime offence. But this cannot be seen as a reason to be complacent about business crime.

In a written reply to Conservative MP Byron Davies, Justice Minister Andrew Selpous revealed that the government is no longer seeking to create an offence of “failure to prevent economic crime’’ such as fraud and money laundering. The minister explains in his reply that there is little evidence of corporate economic wrongdoing going unpunished. Some may disagree but the fact that the issue was being considered indicated that the government’s antennae are attuned very closely to the need to combat business crime.

Making a Tax Appeal Under New Procedures

November 2015 - Tax & Private Client. Legal Developments by LawAlliance Limited.

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17 Nov 2015 at 03.25 

Newspaper section:Business

Making a Tax Appeal Under New Procedures

In our previous article, we took a big-picture look at the forthcoming changes in tax appeal procedures at the court level. One of the main changes is an appeal against a judgement by the Central Tax Court must be made to the new Special Court of Appeal, and its judgement will be treated as final. Only in some exceptional cases will the litigant be able to appeal to the Supreme Court, which must grant permission for the filing first.

Turkey Green-Lights Comparative Advertising

November 2015 - TMT ( Technology, Media & Telecoms). Legal Developments by ELIG, Attorneys-at-Law .

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At the beginning of 2015, Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade issued a new regulation on the principles and procedures pertaining to advertising and abrogated and replaced the outdated regulation of 2003. The regulation ended the prohibition for comparative advertising and included a provision which allows using components related to competitors' goods, trademarks, trade name and services in the advertisements. This provision will enter into force January 10, 2016. The comparative advertising by indicating the competitors' names, trademarks, logos and titles will be legal in Turkey and this may yield to brand new legal disputes between competitors regarding their advertisements.

Mauritius - Legal Updates

November 2015 - Corporate & Commercial . Legal Developments by BLC Chambers.

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Mauritius has a sophisticated and transparent regulatory system that is ideal for a dynamic entrepreneurial environment and to promote diversified economic growth. Its openness to investors worldwide, its geographical location as well as its membership to international organizations such as the African Union (AU), the South African Development Countries (SADC), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the Commonwealth of Nations, allow Mauritius to have a preferential and secure access to a wider market.

New Law on Consensual Financial Restructuring

November 2015 - Finance. Legal Developments by Karanovic & Nikolic.

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As of 3 February 2016, the new Law on Consensual Financial Restructuring (“Law”) will introduce an improved framework for voluntary debt restructuring in Serbia (“Restructuring”). The Law was adopted as a part of a national strategy to address the increasing number of non-performing loans in the country, which was adopted in August 2015 (“Strategy”).[1] The Law will replace the existing Law on Consensual Financial Restructuring of 2011, which produced modest results in practice.