On November 30, 2016 VEGAS LEX hosted a roundtable
discussion about the legislative regulation of independent guarantees, credit legal
relations with due account of the balance of rights and legitimate interests of
the parties and relevant jurisprudence.

OnNovember 30,
, the VEGAS LEX Law Firm organized a roundtable, Disputes involving lending
institutions: independent guarantees and credit relations
,* for
representatives of business and the banking sector.

Head of VEGAS LEX Litigation
group Victor Petrov began his speech with emphasizing the urgency of credit
relations issues, including the growing number of debt recovery disputes on
non-financial grounds, the complex structure of the loans caused by the economic
crisis, and the need for restructuring of previously issued loans. The expert
spoke about the main types of loan agreements (financial and non-financial
covenants), the most frequent violations of the contract terms, the
consequences of violation of non-financial covenants, and ways to protect oneself
in case of credit reclamation; he also cited successful court practices.

Senior Lawyer of Litigation
group Oleg Haritonov elaborated on regulation of
independent guarantees and discussed procedural strategy in such disputes using
real court cases as examples.


* The
information partners of the event included the Russian Guild of Managers and
Developers, the ezh-Yurist newspaper.

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