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Russia > Dispute resolution: Litigation Tier 2

VEGAS LEX’s ‘deep knowledge of procedural and substantive law’ makes it a destination of choice for clients in the oil and gas, metals and mining, construction and banking sectors. The team handles the pre-trial and trial stages of disputes involving contractual, bankruptcy, regulatory, debt recovery and corporate claims. Practice head Victor Petrov has additional expertise in insurance disputes. Managing partner Alexander Sitnikov is a key contact for contentious corporate and commercial issues. Senior associate Stanislav Matyushov is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Victor Petrov


‘Deep knowledge of procedural and substantive law.’

‘In my opinion, Vegas Lex’s practice is one of the strongest in the Russian legal services market. The team takes on the most complex multi-billion dollar projects and can really benefit the client. Their legal opinions and appearances in courts are always carefully followed.’

‘I can recommend an outstanding lawyer in the team – Viktor Petrov. It is worth highlighting his experience, non-standard approach to solving problems, hard work and professionalism.’

‘Viktor Petrov has unique competencies, competently leads litigation projects and always demonstrates the deepest level of immersion in disputes, which allows him to develop effective strategies.’

Key clients


Gazprom Energoholding






Russia > PPP and infrastructure projects Tier 2

The transport sector is a particular area of focus for the 'excellent team of professional experts' at VEGAS LEX; the PPP group is known for advising on concessions and project finance for seaports, railways, roads and intelligent transportation systems. Practice head Denis Shtirbu, supported by senior associates Irina Dolgikh and Varvara Suchkovaregularly assists with structuring deals, preparing direct financial agreements, negotiating with the federal government, and representing clients in negotiations with banks and investors. Shtirbu is also frequently involved with analysis and development of legal practice in this area.

Practice head(s):

Denis Shtirbu

Other key lawyers:


‘We have been cooperating with VEGAS LEX lawyers for many years. During this time, with their support, we have successfully completed a number of major federal projects in the field of PPP and transport. The team has the deepest legal expertise and always quickly solves the most difficult problems.’

‘The team leader, Denis Shtirbu, is practical, result-oriented, an excellent project manager. I would also like to highlight the leaders of the project teams – Irina Dolgikh and Varvara Suchkova. Both colleagues have many years of experience in implementing PPP projects, a deep understanding of the importance of the tasks to be solved and promptly respond to requests.’

‘VEGAS LEX is an excellent team of professional experts with vast experience in the PPP industry. We are very pleased with the work of the firm and have already advised it to some of our partners.’

‘Denis Shtirbu, Irina Dolgikh and Varvara Suchkova are a perfectly coordinated team, people with fundamental knowledge and lively flexible minds, capable of solving complex problems, able to think outside the box and approach each project with soul and creativity.’

Key clients

Russian Railways

State Transport Leasing Company

Gazpromavia (a Russian air company with 100 % of shares belonging to Gazprom)

Lavna Commercial seaport, SPE for PPP projects in Murmansk sea port

Dorogi Rossii

Sibanthracite Group

Russia > Competition Tier 3

The team at VEGAS LEX is known for its ability to handle complex compliance projects which involve advising on business processes and structure as well as on antimonopoly issues. Domestic and international clients also frequently instruct the group to represent them in competition disputes. Managing partner Alexander Sitnikov leads the team of 'professionals who find and offer extraordinary solutions in the most difficult and confusing situations'; these include senior associates Anastasia Cheredova and Ksenia Podguzova.

Practice head(s):

Alexander Sitnikov


‘The lawyers have deep expert knowledge in the field of antitrust regulation, successfully and on time cope with assigned tasks, proactively approach solving problems with high quality services and strict adherence to ethical standards. The reputation of the lawyers in the market is very high. Consulting services are practically applicable and economically relevant.’

‘Good knowledge of the legislation and relevant issues.’

‘The team is result-oriented and ready to consider different options for solving the problem.’

‘VEGAS LEX lawyers are real professionals, whose advice you can rely on and who you are never ashamed to recommend. They organise seminars on various topics and such events and activities make it clear that they keep their finger on the pulse of changing legislation and law enforcement practice, and are also in demand in the market. They show excellent results.’

‘The firm is distinguished by an integrated approach. The professionalism of the team headed by Alexander Sitnikov deserves the highest praise. We have chosen them to support a number of major antitrust disputes, where a non-standard approach and in-depth analysis of antitrust issues are required. At the same time, despite the complexity of the tasks being solved, the team often achieves positive results, which is important.’

‘In this area, I especially wanted to highlight the role of Alexander Sitnikov in team leadership. He and Ksenia Podguzova are professionals who find and offer extraordinary solutions in the most difficult and confusing situations.’

‘The VEGAS LEX team clearly explains the legal consequences in connection with the circumstances that have arisen, realistically assesses the risks that have arisen and proposes adequate mechanisms to reduce them. Colleagues from VEGAS LEX offer the customer a visual plan of action, describing the pros and cons of each option, which allows effective and quick management decisions. They always try to convey information as clearly as possible and not confuse the customer with complex legal constructions.’

‘First of all, I would like to note the high qualifications of specialists and, at the same time, the ability to comprehensively consider a specific problem. Broad economic outlook. Efficiency and clarity in work.’

Key clients

Volga Fuel Filling Company, LLC

UGORIA insurance company

Inter RAO




Russia > Real estate and construction Tier 3

At VEGAS LEX, clients receive a wide range of property investment and construction advice, including on due diligence projects, multiple types of agreements, land law issues and urban planning work, and the related disputes at all stages. The national real estate group is led out of Moscow by Igor Chumachenko, and also has significant presence in Krasnodar, where Maxim Grigoryev is the key figure. Senior associate Ekaterina Ivanushkina and Marina Preobrazhenskaya are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Igor Chumachenko

Key clients



Higher School of Economics



Crocus Group

Claas KGaA mbH

Development Corporation of Kamchatka

The Bank of Moscow

The Moscow Transport Hub Directorate

Catalina Park

Gazpromneft-Centre LLC

Aforra Development

Russia > Tax Tier 3

VEGAS LEX is rated for its ability to build ‘a strong line of defence during tax inspections and appealing the results of inspections’. The team has extensive experience of handling tax audits and is increasingly being retained for contentious issues at pre-litigation stage. Other areas of focus include tax structuring, wealth management and customs law issues. Yuriy Ivanov leads the department; managing partner Alexander Sitnikov is also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Yuriy Ivanov

Other key lawyers:


‘In my opinion, the uniqueness of Vegas Lex’s practice lies in their readiness to meet the client’s requirements, promptly solve and find the best and most effective solutions for complex issues.’

‘Yuriy Ivanov is very professional and does a lot to successfully solve the client’s problem. I would also like to highlight Alexander Sitnikov is the driver of the work process in the firm.’

‘Their experts have prior work experience in the tax authorities and in-house, which gives them an advantage during complex tax projects.’

‘I would like to single out Yuriy Ivanov and Alexander Sitnikov as specialists who have made a great contribution to the implementation of very important projects for us in a number of Russian regions. They are always in touch and ready to help in the most difficult situations.’

‘The main advantages of the practice are: clarity of responses and explanations, professionalism and deep knowledge, attention to detail.’

‘We work with Yuriy Ivanov on tax issues. Very broad and deep expertise in tax accounting, building a strong line of defence during tax inspections and appealing the results of inspections. Yuriy is always in touch and understands us perfectly.’

Key clients


Sojitz Corporation

Steklonit Group

AFG National


Bel Development

Sia Api

Russia > Transport Tier 3

Denis Shtirbu and Alexandra Vasukhnova take the lead on PPP projects with a nexus to seaport, railway and road construction at VEGAS LEX. Senior associates Irina Dolgikh and Varvara Suchkova are also instrumental in preparing concession agreements, assisting clients with contract negotiations and liaising with federal governments and investors. The firm counts major local players, including Russian Railways and the State Transport Leasing Company, among its key clients.

Practice head(s):

Denis Shtirbu; Alexandra Vasukhnova

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Russian Railways

State Transport Leasing Company


Lavna Commercial seaport, SPE for PPP projects in Murmansk sea port

Dorogi Rossii

Russia > Commercial, corporate and M&A: Moscow Tier 4

VEGAS LEX assists a growing client portfolio of Russian companies and international investors with various stages of M&A and joint venture transactions. The team has additional expertise in corporate governance and restructuring work, as well as contentious corporate matters. Key contacts include practice head Alexander Garmaev and managing partner Alexander Sitnikov in Moscow, as well as Maxim Grigoryev in Krasnodar.

Infralex attracts praise for its ‘clear, concise, pragmatic and result-driven’ approach. The team assists both domestic and international clients with M&A and joint venture transactions, reorganisations, and general corporate matters; it also particularly strong in due diligence projects. Yulia Eremenko heads up the practice, where clients also single out Artem Kukin and Arthur Rokhlin.

Practice head(s):

Alexander Garmaev

Other key lawyers:

Alexander Sitnikov; Alexandra Vasukhnova; Igor Chumachenko; Maxim Grigoryev


Excellent specialists, they have extensive experience in both Russian and foreign transactions. They are focused on the results, not only the procedural side of things.

Exceptional client focus, a proactive and creative approach to project support, a high level of professional competence.

It is worth highlighting Alexander Sitnikov and Alexander Garmaev. Both are experts in their field, always thinking of the practical aspects of a deal. They work 24/7.

Key clients

AFG National

Alrosa Group

Rosatom Group


Russian Post

Sberbank Capital


State Transport Leasing Company



NPF Blagosostoyanie

Sojitz Corporation


Practice head(s):

Yulia Eremenko

Other key lawyers:


We love working with Infralex. The work product is always clear, concise, pragmatic and result-driven.

Very high professional approach, deep knowledge of Russian and European law.

The Infralex team is focused on our business goals and always provides a deep and comprehensive approach to corporate and commercial issues.

Artem Kukin is the standout partner here.  He has a strong and sensitive approach and is very well attuned to the local market.

Mr. Kukin and his team are always one step ahead in advising European companies in the Russian market.

We are working closely with Arthur Rokhlin. Arthur is an expert on a wide range of legal issues in our industry and ensures the work of the team of lawyers is high-quality and a comprehensive analysis of situations. Yulia Eremenko has experience and knowledge of large business reorganisations and restructuring projects, including the cross-border aspects of these transactions.

Key clients

United Aircraft Corporation of Russia

Cnooc Limited

Ilyushin Finance Co OJSC


Avia Center

Etex SA/NV

Maschinenfabrik LASKA GmbH


Russia > Energy and natural resources Tier 4

Mandates concerning power generation projects make up the bulk of the workload at VEGAS LEX; counsel Yuriy Tatarinov is noted for his expertise in the power supply industry, and regularly advises on gas supply issues, including price setting. The team also assists with regulation matters and regularly acts in complicated dispute resolution cases. Managing partner Alexander Sitnikov and practice head Evgeniy Rodin oversee the work.

Practice head(s):

Alexander Sitnikov; Evgeniy Rodin

Other key lawyers:


‘I would like to note the deep expertise of the team, as well as their willingness to work effectively on the most complex and demanding projects. Thanks to a thoughtful and rational approach, the projects implemented by the team have a positive result. The firm has significant practical experience in legal support in the oil and gas sector and can provide comprehensive legal support.’

‘Alexander Sitnikov and Evgeniy Rodin are highly qualified specialists in the energy sector. Their experience and complex approaches to problem solving are especially noticeable when other teams fail. I would like to note that you can rely on these specialists, especially due to their professionalism and performance.’

Key clients

Irkutsk Electric Grid Company

Gazprom Gazoraspredelinie Chelyabinsk



Volga JSC






Russia > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 5

VEGAS LEX is consistently engaged on bankruptcy proceedings aiming to establish the subsidiary liability of controlling debtors, with a particular strength in developing clients’ litigation strategy. Debt restructuring advice is another mainstay of the practice. Following the departure of former practice head Alexander Vyazovik in May 2020, managing partner Alexander Sitnikov and litigation practice head Victor Petrov took over the leadership of the bankruptcy group.

Practice head(s):

lexander Sitnikov; Victor Petrov


‘The practice is unique in how competent it is. In the course of our joint work, we noticed how effective the team is in providing us with up-to-date information. We will be recommending the team in the future.’

‘I would like to mention Viktor Petrov as a talented leader of his practice, an effective project manager and a highly qualified lawyer. I am sure that thanks to his efforts and strong will, the firm is showing excellent results.’

‘Bankruptcy is one of the key strengths of the firm. The team thoroughly understood the details of our project, which is extremely important for us. Good competence in the field of challenging transactions.’

‘Viktor Petrov is very hardworking and purposeful. Protects all interests of the client to the last.’

Key clients




VEGAS LEX Law Firm was founded in 1995. Today, it has pulled together more than 100 lawyers whose expertise is proved by individual and corporate ratings of leading international and Russian publications.

The head office of the firm is located in Moscow; its regional offices operate in Volgograd and Krasnodar. The firm works together with a number of Russian regional partners as well as partners in the CIS and other countries.

Among both business people and the professional legal community, VEGAS LEX is reputed as the company to handle the most challenging legal tasks and  participate in large-scale and difficult projects. The firm’s attention is focused on problems relating to the legal sector and different areas of the Russian economy. The quality of service and the competency of the firm’s experts are highly valued not only by its clients and partners, but also by legal firms.

VEGAS LEX participates in the development of draft laws, statutes and regulations, analytical materials, being an active contributor to the building and improving of the Russian legal system. The partners of the firm communicate the position of the business community and represent business interests at different levels of the government and in major programs.

As a leading Russian law firm, VEGAS LEX cooperates with government authorities, large professional associations and public organizations.

Working together with representatives of executive and legislative authorities in expert and task groups, VEGAS LEX formulates principal provisions and reviews draft laws, representing the standpoint of the business community regarding critical issues in different sectors of the economy. VEGAS LEX also provides legal support to industry-related businesses and public associations.

Pursuing its mission, VEGAS LEX relies on its knowledge and experience in cooperation with educational institutions, contributing to building talent pools of attorneys and improving legal culture of the country.

Over many years, we have forged cooperation and partnership relations with high-caliber regional and international law firms. We are proud to have partners in different regions of Russia, in neighboring and far-away countries.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Alexander Sitnikov +7 (495) 933-08-00
Partner, Advocate, Chairman of the Board of Partners Albert Eganyan
Partner, Advocate, Head of Real Estate, Land & Construction practice Igor Chumachenko
Partner, Advocate, Head of Technology and Investment group Alexandra Vasyukhnova
Partner, Head of Energy practice Evgeniy Rodin
Partner, Advocate, Head of Southern directorate, Head of special projects Maxim Grigoryev +7 (861) 201-98-42
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Natalia Abtseshko photo Ms Natalia Abtseshko Head of International Projects Group Specialization Corporate law Legal assistance with foreign…
Ms Anastasia Cheredova  photo Ms Anastasia Cheredova Head of Special Projects group Specialization Out-of-court and court settlement of complex…
Mr Igor Chumachenko  photo Mr Igor Chumachenko Partner, Head of Real Estate, Land & Construction practice Specialization Legal support…
Mr Albert Eganyan  photo Mr Albert Eganyan Partner, Chairman of the Board of Partners Specialization Organizational and legal support…
Mr Alexander Garmaev photo Mr Alexander Garmaev Head of Corporate projects group Specialization Legal support in M&A deals Legal…
Mr Maxim Grigoryev  photo Mr Maxim Grigoryev Partner, Head of Southern directorate, Head of special projects Specialization Support of…
Mr Yuriy Ivanov photo Mr Yuriy Ivanov Head of Tax practice Specialization Effective tax burden management and tax planning…
Mr Victor Petrov photo Mr Victor Petrov Head of Litigation practice Specialization Representing Clients in arbitrazh courts in commercial,…
Mr Evgeny Rodin  photo Mr Evgeny Rodin Partner, Head of Energy practice Specialization Antitrust and tariff regulation Comprehensive legal…
Mr Ilya Shengeliya  photo Mr Ilya Shengeliya Project manager Specialization Structuring legal interaction with state authorities Consulting on state…
Mr Denis Shtirbu photo Mr Denis Shtirbu Head of PPP and infrastructure practice Specialization Legal support with implementation of…
Mr Aleksander Sitnikov  photo Mr Aleksander Sitnikov Managing Partner Specialization Legal support in integrated investment projects, including raising finance…
Mr Yuriy Tatarinov  photo Mr Yuriy Tatarinov Counsel, Energy practice Specialization Electric power industry: legal support in business activity…
Mrs Alexandra Vasukhnova  photo Mrs Alexandra Vasukhnova Partner, Head of Technology and Investment group Specialization Legal support in investment…
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IBA (International Bar Association)
Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)
AEB (Association of European Businesses)

CLIENT: Anna Tretyakova

COMPANY/FIRM: Adidas ltd.

TESTIMONIAL: Thanks to the well-coordinated and professional work, the project was completed with the Best result.

CLIENT: Milena Arslanova

COMPANY/FIRM: The Ministry of Economic Development RF

TESTIMONIAL: We appreciate your contribution to the common input and look forward to further partnership.

CLIENT: Sergey Ivaniv

COMPANY/FIRM: Gazprom Mezhregiongaz, OOO

TESTIMONIAL: Lawyers of VEGAS LEX are professionals who find imaginative ways to solve complex problems.

CLIENT: Valeria Pavlyukova

COMPANY/FIRM: Tinkoff Bank

TESTIMONIAL: We look forward to further cooperation and are ready to recommend VEGAS LEX as a reliable partner.

CLIENT: Vadim Kukava

COMPANY/FIRM: The Association of Pharmaceutical Companies “Innovative Pharma”

TESTIMONIAL: We can entrust the most complicated issues arising in the course of our activity to VEGAS LEX.

CLIENT: Pavel Gromov


TESTIMONIAL: We express our appreciation for VEGAS LEX’s cooperation in application of antimonopoly law.

CLIENT: Dmitry Glavchev  

COMPANY/FIRM: Equinor (Statoil ASA)

TESTIMONIAL: We have found VEGAS LEX’ advice helpful, business-minded and practical.

CLIENT: Alexander Shokhin

COMPANY/FIRM: The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

TESTIMONIAL: I wish you prosperous business development and look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation

CLIENT: Vadim Rogozhin

COMPANY/FIRM: KHK Krasnodonskoye JSC

TESTIMONIAL: I would like to express my appreciation for the quality, diligence and professionalism of VEGAS LEX.

CLIENT: Konstantin Konkov


TESTIMONIAL: We deeply appreciate legal assistance of VEGAS LEX in the field of intellectual property.

VEGAS LEX on The Legal 500 EMEA 2019 ranking

VEGAS LEX has improved its ranking in traditionally strong categories of The Legal 500 EMEA 2019. In particular, the firm ranks first in PPP and infrastructure projects category.

Vegas Lex At Proestate-2018

On 19-21 September 2018, there was PROESTATE-2018, the International Real Estate Investment Forum, held. VEGAS LEX traditionally took part in the forum.

VEGAS LEX in Best Lawyers 2019

On 27 June 2018, the results of Best Lawyers 2019 rating* have been announced: VEGAS LEX experts strengthened its positions in main fields of law.

VEGAS LEX law firm is sponsor of seminar-conference on matters of regulation of procurement activiti

8 июня 2018 года юридическая фирма VEGAS LEX совместно с Национальным нефтегазовым форумом и участием ФАС России провела юридический практический семинар на тему «Новые законодательные инициативы и арбитражная практика в регулировании закупочной деятельности».

Antimonopoly regulation in IT: foreign experience and Russian practice

1 июня 2018 года в офисе юридической фирмы VEGAS LEX с участием представителей ФАС России прошел семинар «Антимонопольное регулирование в сфере ИТ: зарубежный опыт и российская практика».

VEGAS LEX holds spring webinars series jointly with

VEGAS LEX совместно с провела серию вебинаров по актуальным вопросам ТМТ, антимонопольного и налогового законодательства. 

Tariff regulation 2018: specifics of application and judicial practice

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) and the VEGAS LEX law firm, involving FAS Russia and the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation (Minenergo of Russia), held a round-table meeting that was devoted to specifics and prospects for development of law enforcement practices in tariff regulation taking into account the legislation in force.

VEGAS LEX conventionally participated in the MIPIM-2018, the largest international property forum in

On 14 March 2017, Igor Chumachenko, Partner of VEGAS LEX, spoke at the Tenth Session of Cannes Investors Club, the annual meeting of the property market leaders within the framework of the MIPIM International Investment Exhibition, and talked about the key legislative changes in the area of construction and investment activities for 2017-2018.

VEGAS LEX discusses practice of proving business losses in court

On 21 February 2018, VEGAS LEX’s experts with the support of RSPP Committee for Property and Judicial System held a conference in Moscow, following a series of events dedicated to main trends in disputes involving recovery of business losses and recommendations for getting the best result (for a plaintiff or a defendant).

How to protect your interests when concluding and terminating a lease agreement?

On 20 February 2018, VEGAS LEX held a conference dedicated to legal aspects of lease relations, certain tax matters, disputes under lease agreements and analysis of the commercial and office property markets.

VEGAS LEX partnered up atthe Russian Business Week 2018

From February 5, 2018 to February 9, 2018, VEGAS LEX customarily supported the events of the Eleventh Russian Business Week of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE).

VEGAS LEX and Federal Tax Service of Russia discuss the changes in tax legislation in 2017–2018

On 24 January 2018, at the conference held by VEGAS LEX, experts discussed the key trends of tax control and international taxation and the changes relating to unjustified tax benefit, investigations and proof of the facts of deliberate non-payment of taxes and levies.

VEGAS LEX discusses the bankruptcy practice and strategy in the Russian Federation at a workshop

VEGAS LEX held in Moscow a workshop on the matters related to the trends and problems of practical application of bankruptcy legislation for employees of Inter RAO Group.

VEGAS LEX discusses the major trends in government procurements of pharmaceutical drugs in 2017

On 14 December 2017, Anastasia Cheredova, associate of VEGAS LEX Commercial group, spoke at the Fifth All-Russian Congress “Pharmaceutical activity in Russia and in EEU: Winter 2017 statutory regulation” organised by the Agency for Social and Economic Development with support of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and other ministries and industry-specific agencies.

Agreements and disagreements under a general contractor contract: what should be taken into account?

VEGAS LEX, with participation of the development company GVA Sawyer and with support of the Russian Managers and Developers Guild, in Moscow, held a seminar that is dedicated to selection of a general contractor and structuring of relations with it for the purpose of minimization of risks and losses when implementing development projects.

VEGAS LEX is ranked among the best law firms by “” 2017

There were published the results of the annual ranking “” according to which VEGAS LEX became a leader in the areas of Commercial Real Estate / Construction and PPP and gained recognition in other areas of law.

VEGAS LEX discusses the recovery of damages when considering the cases over insurance in the court

VEGAS LEX discusses the recovery of damages when considering the cases over insurance in the court Victor Petrov, Head of Litigation practice, told about the practice of consideration of disputes arising from insurance agreements and the ways of recovery of damages in these disputes at a round-table meeting on the topic “Insurance disputes and claims settlement: experience, trends and current practice”.

Webinar of VEGAS LEX and anticompetitive agreements and practice of their revealing

The attorneys of VEGAS LEX Commercial group together with held a webinar regarding the problems of revealing and proving various types of anticompetitive agreements.

The basic initiatives of FAS Russia were discussed at a meeting of the RSPP Committee

On 29 November 2017, a meeting of the RSPP Committee for promotion of competition, involving the representatives of FAS Russia and VEGAS LEX, was held in order to discuss the antimonopoly service’s initiatives in the area of IT, protection of competition, procurements, administrative and criminal law and tariff regulation.

VEGAS LEX discusses the specifics and prospects of conclusion of “non-competition agreements”

On 28 November 2017, the VEGAS LEX law firm held a breakfast meeting, at which the mechanisms and prospects of the “non-competition” agreements, which ensure preserving of a status quo upon withdrawal of partners from business and which are focused on the companies’ protection against “leakage” of trade secrets (know-how), disclosure of confidential information and “solicitation” of the company’s key personnel by competitors, were discussed.

VEGAS LEX discusses SICs at the fourteenth joint meeting of the Russian-Japanese and Japanese-Russia

Maxim Grigoryev, VEGAS LEX Partner and Head of special projects, spoke at the fourteenth joint meeting of the Russian-Japanese and Japanese-Russian committees for economic cooperation on the topic of efficient use of special investment contracts (SICs) for the creation and development of production in Russia.

VEGAS LEX discusses the problems and disputes arising from bank guarantees and banking activities

On 30 November 2017, a round-table meeting that is focused on the problems and trends of disputes arising from bank guarantees and banking activities, involving credit institutions, was held at the office of VEGAS LEX.

Webinar of VEGAS LEX and legal regulation of personal data in the Russian Federation

On 16 November 2017, VEGAS LEX law firm jointly with hosted a webinar, which was devoted to overview of the requirements, problems and responsibilities for violations in the area of processing of personal data in the Russian Federation.

VEGAS LEX, RUIE and FAS Russia discussed the specifics of new pricing system in the area of heat sup

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) and the VEGAS LEX law firm, involving FAS Russia, held a round-table meeting that is devoted to the specifics and certain aspects of new pricing system and conclusion of contracts in the area of heat supply, and antimonopoly regulation and control in light of change-over to free pricing in heat supply.

Advertising in pharmaceutical sector: analysis of judicial practice and protection against risks

On 14 November 2017, VEGAS LEX law firm the author’s seminar entitled "Advertising in pharmaceutical sector. Risk elimination practices" for representatives of pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical products and BADS.

VEGAS LEX and FAS Russia discuss anticompetitive agreements and practice of revealing them

The VEGAS LEX law firm held a conference, with the participation of FAS Russia, devoted to the problems of revealing and proving various types of anticompetitive agreements.

VEGAS LEX in IFLR1000 2018 Financial and Corporate guide

The IFLR1000 2018 Financial and Corporate ranking was published on October 13, 2017. VEGAS LEX has retained its prior positions and continued to increase the number of categories and recommended lawyers in the ranking.

VEGAS LEX discusses contractual relations and disputes between developer and general contractor duri

Igor Chumachenko, VEGAS LEX Partner, Head of Real Estate, Land & Construction practice, took part in the breakfast meeting of АЕСОМ at which he told about contractual relations between developer and general contractor, and procedures to be complied with when electing a contractor on a tender basis, and current judicial practice regarding disputes between the parties to a construction contract.

VEGAS LEX consults Sanofi group on Special Investment Contract in Russia’s pharmaceutical industry

On October 16, 2017, Sanofi signed one of the first federal special investment contracts with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Oryol Region Government.

VEGAS LEX seminar on methods of analyzing business correspondence for corporate compliance purposes

VEGAS LEX has led a practical seminar, Business Correspondence: a methodology for reducing the risks of violating antimonopoly laws and commercial confidentiality, for legal departments and compliance specialists of companies in various industries.

VEGAS LEX discusses construction contracts and shared construction participation agreements

Igor Chumachenko, VEGAS LEX Partner, Head of Real Estate, Land and Construction practice, spoke at the seminars of Modern Educational Technologies Development Institute (METDI) devoted to contractual relations between developer and general contractor and analysis of the viewpoints of developer and shared construction participant in shared construction participation agreements.

VEGAS LEX announces a series of lectures on legal aspects of energy distribution at MSU

On October 4, 2017, Head of VEGAS LEX Energy practice Evgeniy Rodin opened a series of lectures at Masters' School MSU Law.

VEGAS LEX and webinar: Regulation of Advertising and Marketing in Russia

On September 14, 2017, the VEGAS LEX law firm and organized a webinar on legal regulation and specifics of corporate marketing activities.

RISF-2017: VEGAS LEX discusses fulfillment of special orders under EPC contracts and PPP experience

VEGAS LEX experts have spoken at the 6th Russian Investment and Building Forum, RISF -2017, discussing important current issues of performing special orders under EPC contracts and successful PPP practices in infrastructure projects.

VEGAS LEX and webinar: defense in competition abuse cases

VEGAS LEX experts have explained ways to defend companies in competition abuse cases, and how the authorities consider the most common types of violations in this area in a webinar they led jointly with

Fifth Partnership “Medicines of Russia”: VEGAS LEX about key trends in public procurement in the pha

On September 28, 2017, Anastasia Cheredova of VEGAS LEX Commercial group spoke at the Fifth Partnership "Medicines of Russia - to Interdisciplinary Dialogue" in Kazan, organized by the FAS Russia, the Ministry of Healthcare of Tatarstan, and the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.<

VEGAS LEX discusses VED pricing at RBC business breakfast

On August 29, 2017, VEGAS LEX Manager of Life sciences projects Maria Borzova moderated the session, Additional costs of pharmaceutical producers, held as part of the Vital and Essential Drugs (VED) price regulation business breakfast sponsored by RBC media holding and involving the Russian Ministry of Healthcare.

VEGAS Academy: regulatory updates for the Russian pharmaceutical sector, August 2017

Within the framework of VEGAS Academy platform, we continue our monthly series of video updates on the key regulatory developments in the Russian pharmaceutical sector (in English language).


VEGAS LEX Partner, Head of special projects Maxim Grigoryev has discussed problems in implementing special investment contracts (SPIC) and ways to avoid them, and the potential of SPIC for migration to best available technologies (BAT) at the INNOPROM-2017 International Industrial Exhibition in Yekaterinburg.

VEGAS LEX discusses the formal logic tools and written communication skills

On 11 July 2017, VEGAS LEX held in its office the workshop “Dealing with the rule-making initiatives. The skills of drafting opinions and commentaries” dedicated to adjustment of key algorithms of logic analysis and written communication skills for the professionals of companies operating in pharmaceutical sector and related industries

VEGAS LEX discusses the judicial practice concerning the debt collection in the housing and utility

Ilya Shengeliya, VEGAS LEX’s Southern Directorate Project manager, made an overview of the judicial practice concerning non-payments in the housing and utility sector at a round-table meeting of the Publishing House "Кommersant” in Rostov-on-Don.

Russian Industrialists, VEGAS LEX and FAS Russia discuss the specifics of, and judicial disputes in

On 22 June 2017, there was held a roundtable of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) and VEGAS LEX, involving FAS Russia, dedicated to the matters of legal regulation of the energy resources supply to industrial enterprises.

The realities and forecasts of the practice for recovery of damages were discussed

The law firm VEGAS LEX and held a breakfast meeting dedicated to the main trends, rules and specifics of, and exceptions to, the practice for recovery of damages.

VEGAS LEX and Federal Tax Service of Russia discuss the change of directions of the tax control and

The main trends of the tax control and the matters of taxation and tax collection were discussed at a round-table meeting of VEGAS LEX with the participation of the Federal Tax Service’s representatives.

Shareholders’ agreements under Russian law become a working tool

On June 6, 2017, VEGAS LEX hosted a workshop to discuss problematic issues and key aspects of structuring shareholders’ agreements under Russian law.

VEGAS LEX ranks the Best Lawyers in Russia 2018

VEGAS LEX experts are traditionally included in the top list of the best lawyers of the international rating “Best Lawyers in Russia 2018” and improved their performance.

VEGAS LEX discusses judicial practice of dealing with non-payments in housing and utilities in Krasn

Ilya Shengeliya, project manager at VEGAS LEX Southern directorate, has reviewed court practice in dealing with non-payments in housing and utilities at a roundtable organized by the Kommersant Media Holding in Krasnodar.

Defence strategies in competition abuse cases: what to do when your company is suspected of violatin

VEGAS LEX experts have held a roundtable on defence strategies in competition abuse cases and aspects of interaction with FAS Russia at the stage of antimonopoly proceedings.

VEGAS LEX in Kommersant Media Holding’s ranking of best law firms

VEGAS LEX has been recognized in the Leaders of the Legal Services Market ranking 2016 prepared by Kommersant Media Holding; its lawyers’ expertise has been recognized in several key areas of law.

VEGAS LEX discusses opportunities, advantages and problems of special investment contracts

VEGAS LEX has organized a business breakfast on the prospects for the development, implementation and experience of concluding federal special investment contracts at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum 2017 (PILF 2017).

VEGAS LEX at St. Petersburg International Legal Forum 2017

Alexander Sitnikov, VEGAS LEX Managing Partner, and Alexandra Vasyukhnova, Partner, Head of Technology and Investment group, have discussed effective interaction between business and government and anti-monopoly regulation of the digital market at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum 2017.

Pharmvestnik-TV: 7 days in 7 minutes with Maria Borzova

Maria Borzova, Manager of VEGAS LEX Life sciences projects has commented on the most recent pharmaceutical industry news in the 7 days in 7 minutes weekly program on the Pharmvestnik-TV channel.

VEGAS LEX discusses concession in road industry

VEGAS LEX PPP and infrastructure practice has organized a meeting on using concession in the road industry for employees of the Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) and the Roads of Russia federal government agency.

VEGAS LEX discusses antimonopoly regulation at LUKOIL conference

VEGAS LEX experts have hosted a session on issues and practices of dealing with antitrust authorities and how to reduce antimonopoly risks at the 8th International LUKOIL Group Conference.

Disputes over the firm price contracts: how to protect the contractors’ interests

VEGAS LEX partner Igor Chumachenko has spoken at the roundtable of the Institute of Business Law of Moscow State Law University devoted to disputes over fixed price construction contracts and how contractors could cut costs of construction.

Igor Chumachenko for radio Business FM: courts must observe balance of interests of co-investors and

VEGAS LEX partner Igor Chumachenko has commented on recovery of damages from developers for failure to meet construction deadlines for Radio Business FM.

Public procurement of medicines: how antitrust, judicial authorities change their vectors

Manager of Life sciences projects Maria Borzova has led a workshop on main trends in administrative and judicial practices in public procurement of medicines.

VEGAS LEX discussed the critical issues relating to drug advertising during a roundtable discussion

On 13 April, VEGAS LEX hosted the roundtable discussion “Advertising of Medicines: Good Practice Criteria?” with the participation of FAS Russia's Department for Control over Advertising and Unfair Competition. Major pharmaceutical manufacturers and representatives of professional associations took part in the discussion.

VEGAS LEX discusses opportunities and problems of Special Investment Contracts at Northern Dimension

VEGAS LEX Partner Evgeniy Rodin and Commercial group associate Anastasia Cheredova spoke about the use of various investment options in the energy and pharmaceutical sectors at the Northern Dimension Forum in St. Petersburg.

VEGAS LEX on Chambers Europe 2017 ranking

VEGAS LEX has been recognized in seven categories and four of VEGAS LEX experts has been ranked on the Chambers Europe 2017 international ranking of the best law firms and lawyers around the world.

Software development agreements: how to prevent conflict and defend your rights in court?

VEGAS LEX has organized a workshop on key aspects of software development contracts for companies.

VEGAS LEX supports Second RAA Online Arbitration Competition

VEGAS LEX is a partner of the Second Annual Online Student Arbitration Competition of the Russian Arbitration AssociationHead of Litigation practice Victor Petrov will judge the competition.

VEGAS LEX discusses judicial practice in dealing with non-payments in housing and utilities

VEGAS LEX’s Yuriy Tatarinov has reviewed court practice in dealing with non-payments in housing and utilities at a roundtable organized by the Kommersant Media Holding and the Reliable Partner Association in Samara.

Igor Chumachenko discusses small businesses’ relocation from 1960s five-story buildings on RBC TV

On March 28, 2017, Igor Chumachenko, VEGAS LEX Partner, Head of Real Estate, Land & Construction practice, spoke in the Main News program on RBC TV. He was asked to comment on plans to relocate small businesses from low cost Khrushchev-era buildings.

VEGAS LEX at Volgograd State University Job Fair

VEGAS LEX has taken part in the annual Job Fair at Volgograd State University.

On March 24, 2017 Volgograd State University hosted the Job Fair, a traditional meeting of the region's leading employers with students, in which the VEGAS LEX law firm* took part.

Igor Chumachenko on Business FM radio

VEGAS LEX partner Igor Chumachenko has spoken on the Business FM radio, describing possible scenarios for Rosreestr's case against the Shuvalovsky and Dominion residential projects developed on Moscow University grounds.

VEGAS LEX on application of foreign law in Russian courts

VEGAS LEX partner Maxim Grigoryev has spoken about the important aspects and peculiarities of cross-border litigation in Russian courts at a workshop organized by the Department of International Trade of Britain’s Consulate General in Krasnodar.

Igor Chumachenko: successful implementation of investment and construction projects

VEGAS LEX partner Igor Chumachenko has spoken at the round table of the largest annual real estate forum, MIPIM 2017, on the legal regulation of investment and construction projects.

Alexander Sitnikov: Special Investment Contracts will promote technological transitions

Managing Partner of VEGAS LEX Alexander Sitnikov has spoken at the Russian Business Week about Special Investment Contracts as an additional mechanism for the energy sector to introduce the best available technologies.

VEGAS LEX shares experience with leading Russian universities

In February and March 2017, VEGAS LEX organized a series of meetings with students of major Russian universities in Moscow devoted to career opportunities and practical issues of law for business.

VEGAS LEX becomes official legal partner of a roundtable at MIPIM 2017 property fair

On March 14, 2017, VEGAS LEX will provide support for a roundtable, The new reality of development: How the Russian RE market responds to current challenges?, organized by the Kommersant Publishing House and the Moscow Government.

VEGAS LEX experts to speak at Russian Business Week 2017

On March 13-17, 2017, VEGAS LEX will act as a partner of the 10th Russian Business Week sponsored by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), one of the main annual business events in Russia.

Russia – China: investing in major projects through concession

Head of VEGAS LEX PPP and Infrastructure practice Denis Shtirbu moderated the session on transport cooperation and logistics at The Moscow Times conference, Doing Business with China. New Horizons for Business Cooperation: Russia – China.

Litigation involving FAS Russia: specifics of cartel disputes

VEGAS LEX experts have discussed procedural specifics of supporting cartel damage disputes at a conference on judicial practice in 2016 and important 2017 trends.

VEGAS LEX, FAS Russia discuss tariff regulation and disputes after Supreme Court plenary adopts Reso

VEGAS LEX and the Council of Power Producers association have held a conference attended by FAS Russia, dedicated to one of the most significant events concerning electricity, heat, gas and water supply, Resolution No. 63 of the Russian Supreme Court Plenary Session adopted on December 27, 2016.

Guidelines for competition development policy discussed at RSPP Competition Development Committee an

On January 31, 2017, the Competition Development Committee of Russia’s Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) met with representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) to discuss steps to implement competition development programs, the concepts of the new tariff regulation and major changes in the procurement system.

VEGAS LEX discusses main trends in taxation in Russia

VEGAS LEX has organized a roundtable on the main trends of taxation in Russia in 2016-2017*.

VEGAS LEX discusses energy supply to industrial facilities and environmental management at Basic Ele

On December 14-15, 2016, VEGAS LEX experts spoke at a conference organized for executives of the energy and engineering divisions of Basic Element Group in Nizhny Novgorod.

Leading Russian rating Pravo.Ru-300 recommends VEGAS LEX in 2016

Leading Russian rating of law firms Pravo.Ru-300 has published its annual ranking, recognizing VEGAS LEX as one of Russia’s leaders in Antimonopoly law, Commercial dispute resolution and PPP, and ranking the firm among top-tier law firms in other categories.

Protecting business reputation: legal regulation and judicial practice

On December 13, 2016, VEGAS LEX office hosted a workshop on judicial practice and ways to protect business reputation, honor and dignity of individuals and legal entities.

VEGAS LEX discusses power supply contracts at National Series of Energy Seminars

VEGAS LEX has taken part in the 23rd National Series of Energy Seminars, New Stage in the Development of Electricity Markets in 2017–2019: Effective Operation and Interaction of Market Participants under the New Legislation.

VEGAS LEX discusses subtleties of public procurement of medicines

On December 6, 2016, VEGAS LEX Manager of Life sciences projects Maria Borzova led a workshop on Public procurement of medicines: home vs. away games.

VEGAS LEX discusses decommissioning of energy facilities at a workshop for SIBUR Holding

Counsel at VEGAS LEX Energy practice Yuriy Tatarinov spoke at a workshop on decommissioning of energy facilities for SIBUR Holding employees held at the Market Council Partnership training center.

VEGAS LEX experts discuss disputes, the regulation of credit matter and independent guarantees

On November 30, 2016 VEGAS LEX hosted a roundtable discussion about the legislative regulation of independent guarantees, credit legal relations with due account of the balance of rights and legitimate interests of the parties and relevant jurisprudence.

Issues about water use regulation, wastewater discharge discussed at VEGAS LEX / FAS Russia workshop

On November 24, 2016, the VEGAS LEX law firm, with the participation of FAS Russia, organized a workshop on the legal regulation and dispute resolution practice in the field of water management, water supply, sewerage and wastewater discharge.

Procurement in the oil and gas industry, new initiatives and arbitration practice

On November 17, 2016 VEGAS LEX held a workshop on recent changes and judicial practices in the regulation of procurement by legal entities in the Russian fuel and energy sector.

RSPP, VEGAS LEX discuss possibilities to expand localization of manufacturing and Special Investment

On November 15, 2016, RSPP hosted a conference on ways to localize production facilities in the Russian Federation and the new tool to stimulate producers, the Special Investment Contract, organized by RSPP and VEGAS LEX.

VEGAS LEX supports workshop and conference Organization of procurement and supply in the oil and gas

On November 17, 2016, VEGAS LEX will conduct a legal workshop on recent changes and judicial practices in the regulation of procurement by legal entities in the Russian fuel and energy sector during the conference, Organization of procurement and supply in the oil and gas industry: efficiency, innovative methods and analytical tools.