Deacons is delighted to collaborate with Rajah & Tann, a leading Singaporean law firm and a Lex Mundi member firm, to present the bilingual Fintech Legal Guide for Hong Kong and Singapore.It is a side-by-side comparative overview of the laws and regulations which are highly relevant to Fintech businesses planning to operate in either or both jurisdictions.

This comprehensive guide covers various crucial aspects of Fintech, including the regulatory landscape, sales and marketing of digital products, data protection and privacy, intellectual property, anti-money laundering regime, company establishment, and talent utilisation.

As Fintech continues to revolutionise the financial services industry and create new growth opportunities in the global market, this guide will provide valuable insights for businesses considering international expansion. It is essential for businesses to have a solid understanding of the legal and regulatory framework of their target destination before making any strategic decisions.

The Fintech Legal Guide for Hong Kong and Singapore can be viewed here (Deacons’ website at and/or here (Rajah & Tann Singapore’s website at


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