Our firm successfully defended Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (“AIS”)and its group companies i.e., Mimo Tech Company Limited, Super Broadband Network Company Limited and Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited, with respect to ‘English Premier Leauge’ request for a non-violation of copy right for the first time in Thailand history.

The injunction request was brought against our clients by ‘Football Association Premier League Ltd.’ claiming that our clients would potentially violate their copyright in the future by broadcasting ‘English Premier League’ via our clients’ online application ‘AIS Play’ without any previous records of our clients’ copyright violation.

Our case was unprecedented and the first case in Thailand that the court has to decide what criteria must the court consider before issuing a  ‘permanent injunction’  against a person who  “about to” but “not yet” violates copyright (there is currently no supreme court precedent).

The case is led by Somboon Sangrungjang, partner and co-head of Dispute Resolution and Litigation including Arbitration Practice together with Niruch Winiyakul, partner and Songpol Pirunsan, senior associate and Wadtawan Wongrathpanya.

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