Start-up Companies in Cyprus

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Chloe Americanos and Arianna Mouskou, of Stelios Americanos & Co LLC delivered a Webinar regarding Start-up companies, their formation, development, growth and the challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs are facing during their entrance to the start-up world.

The webinar addressed the characteristics of start-up companies, examined information and guidance with regards to setting up or growing a start-up and explained what distinguishes start-ups from other more “traditional” types of companies. Furthermore, it discussed the key challenges that start ups and their founders are facing, such as increased initial costs, source of funding and proper structuring of business. In addition, it analysed the current ‘Start-up Ecosystem’ and the benefits offered by the governmental schemes and the broader business and commercial environment in Cyprus. Finally, the concluding remarks focused on how legal services can play a key role in the set-up, development and growth of these companies.