The IP practice attorneys of Sayenko Kharenko have defended the rights of Scotch whisky producers in a court case brought by a Ukrainian beverage producer challenging an Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) decision.

A Ukrainian manufacturer of alcohol products manufactured a strong alcoholic beverage with a “WHISKYE” designation indicated on the label. The AMCU ruled that this fell under the unfair competition act, leading to the imposition of a fine against the manufacturer.

The manufacturer contested this decision in the economic court.

Acting on behalf of the Scotch Whisky Association, Sayenko Kharenko lawyers provided the court with evidence demonstrating the merits and propriety of the AMCU decision.

Upon consideration of the case, the court rejected the claim of Ukrainian manufacturer and upheld the original AMCU decision.

Legal support was conducted by attorney Dmytro Kocherga and associate Petro Shpakovich. Strategic guidance was conducted by partner Yaroslav Ognevyuk.

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