Press Release On The Cliff Conference, In Cyprus

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Cliff Law Firm of Moscow and Stelios Americanos & Co LLC (Cyprus) host conference on “The Global Exchange of information: The business world on the threshold of a new era”

The new Multilateral Agreement on the Automatic Exchange of Financial Information between tax authorities and controlling bodies that has been signed by 83 countries, the Russian Federation inclusive, has launched a new era for the international business. The Exchange of Financial Information Agreement obliges the banks and generally financial institutions to disclosure information on the final beneficiaries of corporate accounts, as well as on international transactions. This newly emerging requirements will force the businesses to review their current setups and practices under the light of the new rules and directives.

To assist in making the transformation, leading experts Cliff Law Firm, in association with the Stelios Americanos & Co LLC, have organized a conference under the theme “The Global Exchange of Information: The business world on the threshold of a new era”. The highlights of the seminar were on the newly arising business realities, the new rules and their impact on the international business and emphasis was given on the practical application of CRS. Experts from the two firms shared with the audience a strategy of actions and discussed various aspects including CRS Classification Examples.

The importance and imminence of the issues attracted a big number of participants, foreign and local, mostly professionals, that are dealing or advising on CRS.

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